C5K Week 3 Day 1 and 2 rewind!

So i had a long chat with my friend Jess about me not being able to run all of week 3 without stopping so she suggested that i repeat week 3 until i can run it all comfortably as this is what she did.
So im sure for the new few weeks im going to be doing week 3 with a vengence lol. I was lazy this week and didnt go monday as it was bank holiday and Alex was off.
So tuesday afternoon after work i went out for day 1 of week 3 again. It wasnt to bad it was raining lightly, i managed to get cramp again which seems to be a normal thing with me. I think i lasted longer on the longer runs although i still stopped short of the time it lasted.
I noticed loads of runners out as well all different shapes, sizes and speeds that day i have never seen so many. But as Jess pointed out when i mentioned this to her its race season so everyone is getting in practise.
I must admit i didnt like running at 6pm when i went as there were alot of random men out sitting or standing in groups in the park. And they watched the women who were jogging by like cats watching pigeons! So im going to try and stick to the mornings!
Today (wednesday) i did day 2 of week 3 repeated. I know im supposed to have rest days in between but im going to the UK to see my family on saturday and wanted to make sure i got the 3 runs in this week.
Today was harder my legs were tired from yesterday and it was pretty warm outside so i took it slowly. I only got a tiny bit of cramp. The only problem i had was that theres pollen or something from the trees and its everywhere! Huge chunks of it blowing on the breeze and they get in your eyes, nose and mouth!
So some of the time i was trying to dodge these or trying to remove them from my face which wasnt very nice at all. My next run will be friday afternoon so i get tomorrow as rest day.
I have discovered i have low blood pressure as i almost passed out on monday after a walk with Alex. I went very light headed and couldnt think properly my energy lvl just disappeared.
It was only after i had salt i perked up and felt better. Alex took my blood pressure and told me it was very low and it was still abnormally low days afterwards when i felt normal.
So i think all the exercising i have been sweating alot but not putting any slt back into my body as i never put any on food as i read theres alot of salt in everything already which i guess isnt true.
So im putting salt on my food now and seeing if that helps and Jess gave me some powder to put in water for when i go running (which i havent tired yet). I have felt light headed after the last two runs but it passes after a while.
I will probably have to go to the doctors when i come back from my 15 days in the UK and see what can be done about it. Alex told me to take things easy but i dont want to give up my exercising im losing weight and im happy about that!

Day 3 Week 3 C5K

Day 3 of week 3 of C5K. Ok well Alex is off today for the long Easter weekend. I thought it would be a battle to get myself to go out and Jog this morning as when hes off i tend to just not do any exercise and spend all my time with him.
But i felt like going and got ready quickly, there was no umming and rrring from me at all which was good!
Im still finding it hard to run all the way through, i tried running a little slower and that helped but still i kept stopping and starting towards the end. My legs felt like lead today which didnt help!
This was because on wednesday after my jog i did Ripped in 30 lvl 3 and Extreme Tae Bo workouts and god did my legs ache afterwards!
Even thursday when i went to work my legs ached so much i couldnt walk to fast or bend my legs without them aching lol So im still recovering from that. Once thing is for sure it must be working!!
Thursday was an early start (8.30am) and i didnt sleep well the night before so all i did that day was my 5 mile walk and then came home for a long nap and recovered from the day. So even though i didnt do my exercise workouts i didnt mind as i needed the sleep lol

Day 2 Week 3 C5K

Its day 2 of week 3 of C5K. I had to get up early for my jog this morning as i have to go to work earlier today and i dont want to miss out on my exercise videos as well.
Again im finding it hard to do the whole running on the middle and end running sections. I ave noticed those two runs are longer than the other two in this weeks workout and so i struggle and end up stopping and starting.
Im not sure weather to go onto week 4 next week or repeat week 3 until i can run it all the way through. Im going to ask my friend Jess who is an exper runner and see what she suggests!
I have come to realise i need more cardio in my workouts! doing the jogging is great but i need at least 1 hour more of cardio in my workouts to help burn calories. So i have started looking for some good workouts to help me with this and hopefully i will start to see more results.

Day 1 Week 3 C5K

Today i started day 1 of week 3 of the C5K the periods when i have to run are getting longer now and to my suprise im doing well on them. Only the last 2 running parts i stopped 10 seconds early as cramp had started. I dont seem to be able to do much about the cramp its either there or not each time i run.
There was no stitch this time thank heavens! My stamina and endurance are improving alot which is good! Im hoping i will be able to do the next days of running without stopping early this time it would be good to be able to run a whole 2 miles without stopping at the end of the C5K!
I only have two afternoons of work this week as 2 of the families i work for have gone away for Easter. So this week im focusing on my weight loss by doing more exercise videos than i usually do.
I want to push myself as in 2 weeks time im going to England to see my family and i want to be in as much good shape as i can be before then! So its exercise like crazy and chicken salads all week!
Other news we went to Calcata on sunday with some friends. Its a hippy village here in italy about an hour outside Roma! It was kind of fun we did a 2mile walk and looked in shops. I found a pin-up shop with lots of saucy stuff inside.
I ended up buying a braclet with a cat face, fish and a heart on it and also a silver cat ring which i thought was very cute. There were lots of people walking about enjoying the sun and shops. I saw lots of wild cats roaming about the place and really enjoyed the visit!

Week 2 days 2 and 3 of C5K

Ok i didnt post after my 2 day of week 2 on wednesday as i did it early before i had to go to the dentist as i knew afterwards i wouldn’t want to do much and i was right!
So the run went well although i got really bad cramp in my left leg again it was quite painful and so i did stop once 10 seconds before i should have. I found that day a bit hard going i dont know if it was because i was worring about the dentist or weather it was because i went to early to get it over and done with but i did finish it.
Afterwards i went to the dentist which im afraid of and sat through two injections while she did some filling for almost an hour. Afterwards i couldnt feel the left side of my mouth, part of my left cheek and under my nose for several hours so i was glad i did the run early!!
Day 3 of week 2 was today after i got back from work in the afternoon. I can tell you after getting home from work i really really didnt want to go jogging. I sat relaxing for an hour having an inner argument with myself about going and eventually the fit side of me won.
So i went out for my training, the temperature here has suddenly dropped alot in the last 2 days. Its gone from hot getting a sun tan, to cold wearing jumpers and coats. So there werent alot of people out running when i went.
It all started off really well i noticed i didnt get cramp at all which was really good, but i got stitch instead. A pain on the left side although it wasnt in my side it was more frontwards. It happened when i began to run and the pain would spasm and really hurt when i breathed in and out. When i walked again it would take a few minutes to ease and stop. Luckily it only happened on my last to segments of the run. So gritting my teeth i did the last two runs as best i could and tried to not double over in pain.
I was very happy when it dinged for the cooldown bit and i could walk again!
So im not sure where the pain came from, i havent had it before! I did have a late lunch but i went out an hour after i had eaten which maybe was to soon i dont know. I just hope it doesnt happen again!

Day 1 Week 2 C5K

Ok today i went out at 10am and i forgot to stretch and went before my exercise video naughty me! Its starting to get very hot and sunny and i wanted to do the jog before it got to bad out there.
So things started off as normal, the warm up etc and i must admit when my mind/body realised the jog was longer this week i was suprised. I had gotten used to knowing when i was supposed to stop in week 1 and even 30seconds more you can feel the difference!
Anyway i was good ran through it all when i was supposed to run and didnt stop once even though towards the end i wanted to. Especially as i got cramp again but that was my own fault for not stretching before! But it was still an enjoyable jog.
I still have Ripped in 30 week 2 to do today and then No more trouble zones workout which is mainly weight work (dumb bells).
Other news we went to Parco dei Mostri (park of the monsters) yesterday and i really enjoyed it. Lots of huge stone statues of mythical creatures! It took about an hour to walk round as the place is small but it was still an enjoyable day out. After we had a picnic lunch with friends then layed out on the grass in the sun.
I managed to get some colour in my face, arms and legs which was good although i will start appyling sunblock now as i dont want to burn.
Felt a bit down end of last week as i realised its 1 year in May that we have been trying for a baby with no luck so far. I got very upset about it and had a cry, i know these things can take time but you never realise how difficult it can be to concieve…
We are going to keep trying and focus more on it this summer and if still nothing happens then we will go to the doctor and both get checked out to make sure everything is ok or if we need assistance in that area.
If worse comes to worse and we cant have kids i guess we could adopted….but i have already told Alex if thats the case i will stop babysitting as it would be heart breaking to me to look after other peoples kids knowing i couldnt have my own.
So for now im just focusing on my weight loss and jogging training, then when it gets really hot i will focus on learning italian more.

Day 3 Week 1 C5K

Ok so today i did my exercise video first had a 15 minutes rest then went and did my jog. I found it hard going this time as my time of the month has started and general around that time i feel more tired.
So day 3 which is was was pretty tough as i felt more tired than usual and a tiny voice in the back of my head was telling me just to skip the job today lol but i was good and did it all competely.
Again i got a slight cramp in my left leg and my left shoulder i got a pain which i have no idea where it came from. Apart from that i went out near lunchtime which might not be such a good idea as its getting hotter here and the heat didnt help so i think im going to try and stick to early mornings instead.
Apart from that it all went well and i cant wait to start week 2!
I have noticed just from week 1 of C5K that i have lost more weight around my hips! so im really happy i have started to do it!
I really think the combination of the workout videos, all my walk and how the jogging have really started to help me lose weight and i feel im going to see alot of difference over the coming weeks! just in time for summer as well lol

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