Scales? portions sizes OMG

So recently i bought some food scales an idea suggested by my friend Jess as i didnt seem to be losing anymore weight. I had gotten very depressed this last week as i was back on salad and healthy eating and it seemed to be having no effect what so ever on my weight.
I felt depressed about getting the scales because i felt silly having to weigh all my foods even after i had stopped or cut back on alot of stuff.
I also joined a weight loss forum called 3 fat chicks on a diet, which is really nice and the people are very helpful and friendly and i love it! Its nice to have more people to talk to about exercises and dieting and see there ups and downs and compare them to my own.
So i bought some chicken on the weekend and weighed it up into 1 ounce piles which is about 2 mouthfuls! i was a bit shocked thinking that i was only allowed 1 ounce of chicken a day and i was going to starve!
But looking at the diet plan i had it wrong i can have 2 ounces a day which is way better than i first thought! Its weird looking at a diet and realising your only allowed half a cut of veggies for your salad.
Im not sure how im going to cope the next 4 weeks while i do this diet hopefully it will help the weight loss but i wont become ill or die in the process lol
The jogging im finding hard at the moment as its so hot now its almost unbearable to go out and do it even in the early mornings but i wont give up!
I also have the Jillian Michaels six pack in 6 weeks work out which im going to give a try soon. Planning to do it in july when we go to the mountains for 3 weeks. Im not sure i will be jogging there to be honest as last year i got out of breath just from walking around there because of the altitude! but we will see how it goes.

Back to the slog!

After a weeks rest for my back im back in business! i was going crazy last week as i couldnt do my jogging or exercises because of my back injury. Towards the end of the week i started my walking again much to my relief!
The weekend we didnt do much and i got cabin fever which only stopped when we went for some short walks as i needed to do some moving around!
Today i tested out my jogging! i repeated week 3 day 1 of C5K again 🙂 My legs didnt get very tired which was wonderful! unfortunately i developed the wheeze again which i experience on the 2nd week of jogging in the UK.
Im wondering if its because i didnt jog last week!? but its weird i didny have it when i first started jogging. I start to wheeze then cough alot so when i want to happily carry on running i cant because of the coughing.
I also got a pain in my left shoulder as well.
Im still not running the whole 3 mins at a time and im finding it annoying because i feel like im going to be stuck on week 3 forever at this rate!
My sister told me yesterday she had been jogging since i came back to Roma on her own which made me happy so im thinking of getting her the nike watch and sensor for christmas to help motivate her more!

Last 2 weeks

Before i left for the UK and the visit to my parents we got some powder to mix with water that had potassiam and some salts, vitamins in to help me with my light headedness. I was to test it out while i was in the uk.
I did manage to go jogging in the UK! the first week i went on saturday, monday and wednesday. I know your not supposed to go two days straight but my sister and niece were with me and they were the only days they could do.
It was a good jog, we did really well and i stuck to week 3 of C5K and they jogged right along with me! my Niece who is ten and very slim even carried on jogging after it said walk lol
The second week was just me and my sister and i was trying to get her to start doing the C5K! we did it the end of that week thursday, friday and saturday and i found it really tough going. I dont know why but the first day i was wheezing away for some reason and i found it hard going.
The other days were fine but i didnt stick to the C5K those days me and my sister woggled instead (jog/walked) how we felt and again i think we did really well and we both enjoyed it.
Im glad i did the jogging while i was there i did feel happy once i did it! Although i did gain 2 pounds while i was in the UK but my mother did keep trying to feed me up lol
The only downside of the trip was at the airport on the way back to Roma when i hurt my back with my suitcase! When i finally got to Roma my back was in agony and i couldnt stand up straight. I was bent over like a little old lady.
I have had the last few days off with pain killers, hot baths and cream for my back and its much better although still stiff and i cant bend properly without pain.
So im a bit sad i cant jog or get back into my exercises videos but i have my fingers crossed that after the weekend i will be able to start all that again!!

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