Last 2 weeks

Before i left for the UK and the visit to my parents we got some powder to mix with water that had potassiam and some salts, vitamins in to help me with my light headedness. I was to test it out while i was in the uk.
I did manage to go jogging in the UK! the first week i went on saturday, monday and wednesday. I know your not supposed to go two days straight but my sister and niece were with me and they were the only days they could do.
It was a good jog, we did really well and i stuck to week 3 of C5K and they jogged right along with me! my Niece who is ten and very slim even carried on jogging after it said walk lol
The second week was just me and my sister and i was trying to get her to start doing the C5K! we did it the end of that week thursday, friday and saturday and i found it really tough going. I dont know why but the first day i was wheezing away for some reason and i found it hard going.
The other days were fine but i didnt stick to the C5K those days me and my sister woggled instead (jog/walked) how we felt and again i think we did really well and we both enjoyed it.
Im glad i did the jogging while i was there i did feel happy once i did it! Although i did gain 2 pounds while i was in the UK but my mother did keep trying to feed me up lol
The only downside of the trip was at the airport on the way back to Roma when i hurt my back with my suitcase! When i finally got to Roma my back was in agony and i couldnt stand up straight. I was bent over like a little old lady.
I have had the last few days off with pain killers, hot baths and cream for my back and its much better although still stiff and i cant bend properly without pain.
So im a bit sad i cant jog or get back into my exercises videos but i have my fingers crossed that after the weekend i will be able to start all that again!!


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