Bad girl

Im still enjoying my C5K week 4 i feel like im pushing myself more buy doing the next week of it, i even ran for 3mins straight without stopping which i thought was very good.
Im finding it very hard though still to run in the heat its a bit unbearable at the moment.
Im on day six on the 30 day slim down and i did slack yesterday and didnt do the workout i was supposed to… i did it this morning instead and this afternoon i will do the workout ment for today. Its just so hard in the heat and im covered in sweat about 10mins into the work out and its not nice.
Also i have been bad with my calories diet a few times this week which couldnt be helped but im still determined to stick with it.
I went crazy and put all my workouts on my ipad ready for going to the mountains so i can carry on with my slim down challenge!
Im on some medicine at the moment for a cough i have and also i have to have my throat scanned with ultrasound as the doctor said one side is bigger than the other. He just wants to check if thats normal for me or if its my thyroid being bad.
So i was bad and bought chocolate biscuits on the day i heard this to comfort eat but i was good and fit them into my calories for the day.


I really enjoyed Hydromania yesterday it was alot of fun and very relaxing! We got a little bit lost on the way there but my friend Marina had her trusty google map on her phone. We actually found an easier route to get there which wasnt to bad.
It was a really hot day with a perfect blue sky and no clouds in the Sky. We got to the place abut 12.30am and found it a bit busy as all the kids are off school for the summer.
Once braving the changing rooms we headed to the pools. There was a kids pool, kids play area, wave pool and various other pools dotted around. We found some sun loungers with sun unbrella’s to claim as our own then went to the pool.
I must admit the water was very cold! i was hyperventilating a little when i started to wade in lol and felt very light headed once i was totally in the water but it passed after 30 secs.
It was nice to be in the water of a pool again as i havent been in years! Marina braved some water slides but i was a bit scared to stuck to the pool and the water bubble/jet area which was nice.
After a while the waves came on and we went and enjoyed that. Then there was a foam party which looked alot of fun and then some aquagym in the wave pool.
By this time we had been there 3 and half hours and i was feeling very tired from being out in the sun more than i usually am.
So we left and agreed to go another day mid june when im back from the mountains.
When i got home i found i had red strips on my back where i forgot to put sunblock around my t-shirt. Also the back of my arms and my knees where red to and hurting alot. Alex had a ‘ i told you so’ expressions when he saw my sun burn. As he had told me to be careful but knew i would come back burnt somewhere! lol
Today i did my day 2 of C5K week 4 and again i found it hard going because of the heat. I went out at 9am and it was already unbearable! I also got cramp in the back of my leg from the really slow pace i was jogging. Im really not sure im going to be ready for the race in september.
Im on day 3 of the 30 day slim down as well and im aching in my thighs and shoulders lol but i have to keep going. Im doing the ‘no more trouble zones’ workout for it today and i had to stop half way through it as i got really hot and was pouring with sweat. The last part of it is the abs workout so i think i might do that in the afternoon so i complete it for today.

Busy beee

I have been so busy the last 2 weeks i havent had time to post!
Let me start of by saying i have a new sensor! a friend managed to find me it so i have one now ready for when the old one runs out!
Ok a bad thing that happened two weeks ago on a friday! i weighted myself and i was 63kgs! so i had lost 1kg and was really happy about this! Alex said lets celebrate and get chinese and i thought what the heck i can be bad once in a while! Once in a while turned into 4 days of being bad with eating!
So when i re-weighed myself on the monday evening i had regained that 1 kg! i was not happy lol
Thankfully i weighted myself this morning and im back to 63kgs! yay!! so im going to keep going with the calorie counting diet site myfitnesspal.
I hadnt jogged for almost 2 weeks as i was working alot in the mornings and afternoons and wasnt at home so didnt have time to go! The up side was i was going a load of walking so at least i was getting some exercise!
I managed to jog on friday and did week 3 of C5K as usual and everything was good. I had to get up early though as its hot here now so i go before the heat really kicks in.
Today i went jogging again and i decided to start week 4 of C5K as im bored of week 3 doing it over and over. Week 4 is harder and i stopped alot but i think it will be better for me. It was really hot out there and so i was struggling at the end even though i went out early!
I have started the Jillian Michaels 30 day slim down plan which is mixing up her workout videos for 30days which is really good. So im going to keep up with that as we go on holiday next week for 3 weeks.
I have found an aquagym class i want to start at the local pool as well as doing something in water will be good now its really hot and water workouts are really good!
Also im off to Hydromania tomorrow with a friend which is a big water park with slides, fountains and swimming pools. I saw on there website they have exercise bikes in the water as well so that should be interesting!
Alex says he loves the way i look now i have lost weight and has forbidden me to put the weight back on which i thought was funny lol

Jogging on hold

I  didnt jog on friday as i was sick and was still ill all over the weekend.
This week im super busy with a job so i dont have time to do the jogging which sucks a little. I am doing loads of walking though each day! I walked 7 miles yesterday and my feet were killing me when i got home, i even asked Alex to rub my feet for me which he did lol.
I have noticed my knees ache a little bit which also means im doing to much so im going to try and not do so much this week and see how it goes. Im hoping to start jogging again on monday if all goes well!
Im loving the 3 fat chicks forum! all the people are really nice and i love giving helpful comments on some of the threads. Its also nice to read about what other people are doing!
Im still doing the calorie counting diet and im actually enjoying it. I got really upset and depressed before starting it and even cried about it to my friend Jess who had already done it. And now i dont know why i got so upset! I guess it was the fear of not being able to eat anything or the pressure of it all.
But its been a real eye opener to the amount of calories somethings we eat are without even realising it! Its got me eating more fruit and veggies which is great. Although the E.Coli outbreak started mid week of my diet and Alex went crazy telling me i couldnt eat salad it all needed to be cooked lol.
So i did stick to the cooked veggies rather than raw just to be on the safe side and put Alex’s fears to rest.
I have seen a difference in my figure as well now just by eating more healthy and less calories so its all good!
We are supposed to be going to the mountains on the 27th june for 3 weeks but apparently its very cold and constantly raining there this year (last year it was hot and lovely!). Alex said if we go we might freeze! So we are going to keep an eye on the weather the next few weeks and if it stays bad then we wont go.
Alex has promised me a week and half in Tuscany though if we dont go to the mountains!! so we can visit Sienna, Florence and some other places i havent been yet yay!

Nike sensor hunt!

I forgot to mentioned i have been searching for a new Nike sensor for my Nike wrist band for 2 weeks! No where and i mean no where seems to have them in stock! its crazy!!
I have been to the Nike sports shop and they have them with the watched but not indiviually! The apple shop doesnt have any in nor the giant sports shop in the shopping Mall Porta di Roma!
I thought finding them would be easy as the sensor only lasts a thousand miles before you need to buy a new one but i have had no luck!
I am wondering if maybe alot of people have them and they have run out and maybe everyones gone crazy buying them and thats why there are none?!
Im going to have to buy one from Amazon which i feel is the only way to get one at the moment! Alex says i should get the sports kit as it comes with the ipod attachment thing. So i might have a look at it and see what i think we shall see.

Healthy eating

I have gone on a complete healthy kick since monday! im on a calorie counting site and im sticking to eating more veggies and fruit and less bad things. Im only allowed 1 cup of pasta when i eat it and im not eating pizza for 4 weeks and then it will only be a treat.
Im cutting my portion sizes as well or exchange things for veggies which are better for me!
I joined a weightless forum called ‘ 3 fat chicks on a diet’ and the people there are really nice and helpful, friendly and im happier seeing things other people are going through to.
Im doing reverse crunches and different types of situps/crunches everyday to get rid of my jelly belly and the tyre of fat below my belly button. And im feeling very positive about it all!
The jogging was better today as it was cooler and i ran slower, i have had no porblems with cramps or pains so that is also a bonus!
Im getting overwhelmed a little but with what other people think are the best exercises to lose the belly fat.
Some say its jogging, others say no its skipping, others day its a certain type of situp but others say its not. Its hard to sort out the crap from the truth!
Also im suprised about the amount of different diets out there! there are millions!

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