Holy cow!

My friend Jess suggested i start on week 5 of C5K as i have been doing week 4 for 3 weeks now. So i thought why the heck not and see how i go.
So tuesday evening i popped it on and started my jog and to my amazement i did the first 5 minutes of running without stopping!!!! i couldnt believe it! The second section of jogging i stopped twice but only for 30 seconds which i also did with the third section.
I was pretty happy with myself for achieving this! i still cant believe i did it! Im so glad i carried on jogging when we were in the mountains as i dont think i would have been able to otherwise.
I also think i might have had a mental block about running for longer, as when i started the C5K in the back of my mind i would be thinking i really cant run that long and that far! and i think that has stuck with me throughout the training.
And if i can carry on breaking that mental block then i should be able to start running for longer without stopping.
Wednesday when i went for a short run i managed to run a whole mile without stopping! A WHOLE MILE!!!!! i was grinning pretty much after that as i haven’t been able to do it before.
I have also decided to run 4 days a week now, so 3 days of the C5K and one day where i just run a mile and half. And as i have mentioned im now running in the evenings as its cooler and i just cant get up early enough for runs in the morning at the moment.
I managed to miss the deadline for the Paris run for september which i was sad about as i was going to do it with my friend Jess when i visited her in france.
So instead now we are going to do the fun run in Brussels which is 4k and a womens run which should be alot of fun and also a charity run in Antwerp in the same week. So i should be pretty knackered by the end of the weeks visit with her lol.
So i will have two races under my belt by October which should be pretty cool!
Also im back on the exercise videos and determined to lose the 1kg i gained in the mountains and to keep on losing weight until my jelly belly is gone.


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