5K practise

I  have been talking to my friend Jess and she gave me a new training plan she thought might be better for me. Its the Jeff Galloway 5K plan (theres also a 10k one), his plan has more walking breaks which allows you to retain more energy to use throughout the run.
I like this plan alot so am going to start following it, Jess noticed i do better with my running when i have the sort walking breaks and its true.
SO im now doing 3.12miles on my running days instead of just 2 and half miles as 3.12 miles is 5K which i need to be practising for as i only have 3 and half weeks until i go to france and have my two races with Jess.
Im really excited about them and cant wait to get jogging there, i think its going to be a fantastic experience and good motivation to keep on jogging.
I managed to do the 3.12miles today in 33mins so i dont think i will have a problem finishing the races lol.


Today im feeling bloated and fat and i dont know why!
Last week i weighed 60.5kgs and today im 59.9kgs so i cant understand why im feeling so fat and obsessing that my belly is big when it cant be realisticly lol
Im not jogging today as we are off to a friend house tonight to celebrate Raya with her (celebrating her finishing her fasting) so i will go jogging tomorrow instead.
I have been looking at joining a gym as well which has a choice of 10 exercises classes ranging from box fit, belly dancing, pilates to pump and body sculpt. Im not sure if its a good idea or not and i guess i need to see if i will be working alot and have time to go or not.
But it would be nice to have some classes to go to something a bit different.

Temp drop at last!

So last week i managed to get myself out to jog 3 times and that was it! It was waaaaaay to hot going from 37c up to 43c! all the way through the day even until late at night. So there was no way i was going out for a jog friday or the weekend, i just couldnt face it.
Today the temp dropped to 28c and im loving it! i jogged for longer and faster! so it is the heat thats interfering with my performance for sure! And im loving the sweaty buzz i have today from my run.
Im going back onto strickly eating healthy foods as i have been slipping the last few weeks. I have been within my alotted calories but what i have been eating hasnt been that good for me. The last 2 weeks i have been taking a sandwich to work and now i have decided to take salads instead as i dont like the amount of bread i have been eating.
Im still doing alot of walking in the day to and from work and spending every few days in the swimming pool at Castel st Angelo with the little girl im babysitting.
Today i bought 2 dry fit Nike running tops second hand of a market stall for 10 euros each. One is blue and the other one is a redy pink with ‘run’ on the front of it. I really liked them when i saw them and i must admit i love all the Nike stuff.
Im using an old sports bra for my jogging but its a bit uncomfortable, i was using a normal bra but thought bet of it. Im thinking after next week when i finish work i might go to the Nike shop and buy a new sports bra as i think i really do need it and it will be nice to have one that fits properly!
I have been talking to another expat who has started jogging and giving her bits of info like about the Nike sports bands i use. Its nice to have things to pass onto people who are starting to run! Especially as i got alot of my info from my friend Jess.
Tomorrow we are off to my friend Marina’s house for dinner and we are celebrating Raya with her which is the end to her fasting time! Im quite looking forwards to it. Im more than sure she will be happy to get back to normal and start jogging again as she hasnt been able to while she was fasting.


Yes the heat wave has finally hit and yes its unbearable!!
Monday i went out at 6pm to get my short fast run done along with all the other crazy people who were jogging. It was fine when i was in the shade but when you hit a sunny patch you could really feel the heat and i started to wilt! Thank goodness that was the short run!
Tuesday i was doing the C5K still on week 5 and on day 1, i really cant move onto week 6 at the moment as i really want to run the 20min run of day 3 but the weather is making it hell to do!
But the main thing is im still exercising and sweating! and sweating helps weight loss lol so i will carry on with it.
I have been eating badly this week and end of last week and am trying to get back on track with the health eating. The good thing is i havent gained weight because of this but i think thats because of all the sweating from the hot weather loool
But i have been doing alot of walking because of work and also i have been to the swimming pool several times with the little girl im looking after so its all good! I havent been doing my exercise videos or weights the last week and half as im knackered by the time i get home and just have the energy formy jogging!
I have another week of work then im back to normal and will start up with them again.
Im also in love with the colour yellow at the moment and i have seen it everywhere! So i bought myself a pale yellow top and a yellow t-shirt (the t-shirt for my running) and i must say i think i look quite good in the colour.

Heat Wave no thanks!

I  have been trying to get myself to jog this weekend as i missed fridays jog, then yesterday i had to work so i was knackered when i got home and just wanted to watch tv and then sleep lol.
So finally this morning (sunday) i dragged myself from bed at 8.30am got dressed and went for my jog. It was cooler but not as cool as it has been and it was quite hot when i wasnt in the shade.
The jog went really well with no complaints, no aches, pains or anything! And i did feel a whole lot better after it as well.
When i got home i decided to weigh myself and discovered im 60.6kgs now! so im very happy about that. I really want to get to 57kgs as thats 9 stone and i think thats a very good normal weight for me so thats my target weight.
I have been running about working this week babysitting and have been doing alot of walking and running about in the heat so i think that has helped to.
I am not looking forwards to this week though as we are going to have a heat wave and the temp is going to go up to 38c apparently! and im not sure i would survive running in that! let alone walking!

Pic of me being a fireman at the childrens museum Roma where i took the little girl im babysitting. We had alot of fun that day lol im such a big kid lol

And down it goes lol

Im back down to 61kgs lol i think having my period and the naughty food weekend made me gain that 1kg but its back down now thank heavens!
So i have started babysitting again and am being alot more active during the day running round with the little girl. So im feeling more tired in the evenings than i usually do. Its also forced me to go out into the heat and sun which i think is also a factor.
Tuesday i went for my run at 7pm and it was still 35c outside!! I saw other joggers and decided we all must be a bit crazy to be out in that heat running!
I was pouring with sweat my heart felt like it would leap out of my chest and i had trouble taking in gulps of air and this was half way through the fast short run i do on tuedays!
I ended up losing my normal pace and pushing myself to run faster just to get the jogging over and done with.
But i did do the whole workout even though afterwards when i stopped moving and sat down i was extremely dizzy and light headed. Im sure i must have lost pounds in just that one run LOL
I was also dyhdrated and needed loads of water when i got back inside!
I guess in a way its good to be able to have some training running in the heat but i will be happier when its much cooler.
Today i went out at 8.30am as i have the day off as the little girl is spending the day with her Father. So i was up early wanting to take advantage of the cooler weather.
It is a blissful 20c at the moment so i went out for my run and found i ran longer and much more comfortably. I found my easy jogging pace i had lost the last few times i went out.
The only discomfort i had was my feet felt like lead when i started but felt a little better half way through. Also i seemed to get pins and needles on the soles of my feet for some reason through the whole run which was weird.
Im going to start taking the energy running drinks with me if i run in the evenings when its hot as i think i really need them now especially if the temp is in the 30c something!

Bad Weekend

Ok so i was 61kgs and now im back up to 62kgs! which is annoying.
We went to a friends place over the weekend and lunch was just lots of grilled cheese, meats and bread with a tiny bit of salad. It was lovely but not good for my weightloss! lol
So now im determined to get that 1kg back off!
I jogged this evening and got stitch which isnt good i really do prefer jogging in the mornings its much cooler and much better to jog on an empty tummy. (or just after a cup of tea)
Unfortunately i start work tomorrow in the mornings for 2 and half weeks so its going to have to be evening runs weather i like it or not.
I was happy though when i was down to 61kgs as i fit perfectly into my new jeans and looked so nice in them! So its made me more determined to carry on and get it back down and down even further.

I really like i would look really nice at 57kg’s thats what im aiming for at the moment and then go from there i think. 

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