And down it goes lol

Im back down to 61kgs lol i think having my period and the naughty food weekend made me gain that 1kg but its back down now thank heavens!
So i have started babysitting again and am being alot more active during the day running round with the little girl. So im feeling more tired in the evenings than i usually do. Its also forced me to go out into the heat and sun which i think is also a factor.
Tuesday i went for my run at 7pm and it was still 35c outside!! I saw other joggers and decided we all must be a bit crazy to be out in that heat running!
I was pouring with sweat my heart felt like it would leap out of my chest and i had trouble taking in gulps of air and this was half way through the fast short run i do on tuedays!
I ended up losing my normal pace and pushing myself to run faster just to get the jogging over and done with.
But i did do the whole workout even though afterwards when i stopped moving and sat down i was extremely dizzy and light headed. Im sure i must have lost pounds in just that one run LOL
I was also dyhdrated and needed loads of water when i got back inside!
I guess in a way its good to be able to have some training running in the heat but i will be happier when its much cooler.
Today i went out at 8.30am as i have the day off as the little girl is spending the day with her Father. So i was up early wanting to take advantage of the cooler weather.
It is a blissful 20c at the moment so i went out for my run and found i ran longer and much more comfortably. I found my easy jogging pace i had lost the last few times i went out.
The only discomfort i had was my feet felt like lead when i started but felt a little better half way through. Also i seemed to get pins and needles on the soles of my feet for some reason through the whole run which was weird.
Im going to start taking the energy running drinks with me if i run in the evenings when its hot as i think i really need them now especially if the temp is in the 30c something!


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