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Ok yesterday i was very bad i didnt go jogging or do my weights workout. I had decide to take a day off as i will be walking alot in france next week, also jogging and of course doing my race with Jess!
So in my mind its ok to take a break once in a while so i dont over to it to much!
Also i was pulling out thick jumpers to take to france and they all look huge on me now! its like wearing a tent lol luckily i found one that looks ok!
But i think i will be doing some jumper shopping next week for sure! as i will need them for the winter and my trip to the UK which is end of october.
Also this week we went to see a gynocologist to find out why we havent got pregnant yet as we have been trying for over a year and half now.
I was really nervous at first wondering what the Doctor would be like but it turns out shes just lovely! She listened to all our fears and how long we have been trying etc. She gave me some vitamins with folic acid in to take from now on. She was impressed with my weightloss and that i mentioned i started running and that the fitness in the long run will help me have a family fingers crossed!
Shes made an appointment for me to a breast and pelvic xray which they do alot here to just make sure everything is all ok in these areas. Alex has a few tests of his own to do as well.
Then once they are all done we have to go back to see her.
One of the most interesting things she told us that i didnt know was that the same set of sperm stays for 3 months in a man before its all used up and more is made. So if the man is stressed or has bad habits it will affect the sperm!
So Alex my BF might have to cut down on his smoking and eat more healthy for a few months which will do him some good anyway i think.

So not much about running in this post lol mainly life stuff.


This morning i was up and feeling good about being up early for a jog!
When i got outside i just didnt have my ‘go for it’ vibe. I ended up doing alot of woggling (jog/walking). My mind is distracted with thoughts about y Doctors appointment at lunchtime, im always nervous going to the doctors.
Also my legs felt tired for some reason and im not sure why. Although Alex says im moving alot lately when i sleep so i could be jogging when im dreaming lol
I probably should have jogged in the afternoon after the appointment, i think that would have been better. Plus the temp drops more in the evening.
So im a little disappointed with my jog today but next week im in france and have my 4k race so thats something to be positive about.
Yesterday i did a 1 mile walk and my 40mins of weights (no more trouble zones workout)
Im even more excited about france as its only 3 days to go until im there!
Someone i know has been up the Eiffel tower and she said that it sways alot at the top which scared me a bit but it will be an interesting experience.

Stormy weather

Today i have done a 4 miles walk in the day as i went off to work. Little bit depressed about work as she might not need me tomorrow. Also i think the little girl is going to be in the school full time so she wont need me to pick her up as i thought she might need me to. So that means i need to find another job when i get back from france.
So i was quite depressed when i got home from work and was actually thinking about not jogging. Plus it was thundering and grey and i thought it might rain.
But i pushed the negative side of my day out the way and i got up and did my 3.12miles. It was heaven as its way cooler today.
As last night we had a massive thunder storm! almost like a tropical storm with lighting going off every 4 seconds. Pouring rain and thunder so loud it set all the car alarms outside off. It also kept me awake so i was also feeling knackered today.
Anyway the run was very enjoyable because of the drop in temp, my hip ached a tiny bit but it wasnt uncomfortable. I ran for longer as i always do when its cooler letting me know it was the heat that was holding me back before.
I also did some weights and sit-ups as well which im trying to do everyday so im burning more calories.
My weight is back up to 59kgs which supports my theory that i should aim for 56kgs then maintain it from 56-58kgs and stay at a healthy weight.

Slacking with 2 runs

Ok i was bad and didnt go for my friday run and i didnt even make it up on saturday which i know was naughty of me! i am slacking a bit but i am still down to 58kgs which i think is making me a bit lazy as i know i have 1kg left to go for my goal weight.
Im acutally wondering if i should get to 56kgs then maintain between 56 -57 kgs which might he an easy way of keeping my weight that way. But we shall see.
I have been looking at workouts for tonning up as thats what i need to do now! Beachbody’s Insanity workout i have heard is quite good and i also have Abs blast by the hollywood trainer.
As i need to tone now and get my tummy down more and work on my arms etc
I have also been going a bit stir crazy as work hadn’t started so i havent been working for 3 weeks which has been driving me a bit crazy. But luckily just as i was writing this someone i babysit for just phoned me and asked me to work again. So im feeling very relieved and happy about that now! yay!
My bag is already all packed for france next weekend and i really cant wait for that trip! i love traveling and having little adventures! Plus we are going to go up the Effiel tower! im scared of heights but it will be interesting to do lol
Me and Jess plan to do lots of walking so that should keep us nice and fit while we sight see.
Alex keeps rolling his eyes at me when i pull out t-shirts i havent been able to wear before but which fit me perfectly now. As i prance around in them as im happy i have achieved my weight loss and now can fit happily into them!
I keep thinking back to when i was huge and how depressed i was and i remember i kept thinking i hated being so big and that it would never change, i would never change. But now 5 months on i have lost alot of weight and almost down to 9 stone!
Its amazing what you can do when you get determined enough. But you cant push people to do it they have to do it themselves and be ready for the change or they just fall back into old patterns.
And my change was last september when i visited Jess in Belgium and she got me interested in the Nike sports band, thats the day my life changed.
And im really grateful to my friend Jess for showing me it and getting me off my butt and out jogging and into fitness.
I feel so much more happier, healthier, confident and stronger! it really is a life changing experience when you embrace fitness and lose weight it truely is!

Down to 58kgs!

Wednesday i went to meet up with my friend Marina in the centre and we went for lunch at the Subway that has recently opened. She had never had it before and fell in love with the food there! Which is good because i do so love there sandwiches LOL
We did some window shopping and i bought some tops i liked. we also walked about 7 miles! So by the time i got home in the evening my feet hurt and i was in no mood to go jogging.
So i didnt go and went today instead.
I did my ‘no more trouble zones’ workout in the day for training with my weights to build some muscle in my arms. Which is coming along nicely! im trying to do that workout 3 days a week so my arm muscles have a little break to build up.
Then this evening i went jogging. I ran for longer and a bit faster and had no trouble with my leg and hip infact they seem to be fine now. So maybe i was pushing it a bit to hard before.
There were plenty of other joggers out for me to stare at and they stare back at me which i always find funny.
Im down to 58kgs! (58.9kgs to be exact) which im really happy about i strangely feel almost skinny lol just one more kg to go and i will br 57kgs (9 stone) which is supposed to be my perfect weight but we will see!
I really need to start tonning more now especially my lower belly or muffin top as its called apparently lol
Im sticking like crazy to my ‘no many carbs’ two weeks (this is week 1) and stayed away from pasta and pizza! I have mainly been eating chicken, veggies, omlete, a few prawns things like that so its working out nicely.
Also wednesday i have seen the present i want from Alex for xmas! its a WII game which is a mixed martial arts training game which looks fun! It trains you like a fighter and you have to do boxing, kick boxing etc plus all the workouts they do to keep fit!
So i think that will help alot with me tonning up and it will get me back to using my WII yay!

The Hip bones connected to the…

I have been having back ache most of the week, lower back pain. Today i finally worked out whats the cause!
I went for my jog this morning 3.12 miles which i first started to do last week! As i was jogging i felt an ache in my left hip then in my lower back on the left side. So i ended up jogging very slowly with lots of walking breaks which helped alot.
When i walk/run my right foot is pointing straight but my left foot is pointing slightly to the left. Which is causing the problem! im pretty certain i had the pain when i first started all my miles and miles of walking last year and it slowly corrected itself.
My left foot has always pointed out to the left so it effects the hip to causing the back pain. I have tried pointing it forwards but it just feels awkward and makes my knee feel weird because its been out of alignment for so long (forever i think!).
So im not sure if theres exercises i can do to straighten it or weather like the walking my hip/leg will adjust to me running more.
Its interesting i didnt have this problem when i was doing 2.50 miles but now im doing 3.12 miles it has come out lol
And its funny how as you get stronger and fitter you find problems in your body you didnt know you had!
Anyway apart from this problem the run went very well and it was much cooler this morning which made it a really nice jog!


Ok so im going to see Jess in France in 2 weeks time and im getting very excited about it and already trying to work out what im going to take with me! If the weather is colder there etc do i need a coat?
We are only doing one race now instead of two which is sad but i dont mind as we are going to go to Paris instead! And one race is better than none! lol It will be good experience for me and maybe next year i can sign myself up for some more!
Anyway as i have 2 weeks until i go i have decided to try and lose the last 2kgs i have so i can get to 57kgs. My plan is to be really good and stick all the time to my healthy recipes i have found. So no pasta or pizza for 2 weeks! even if Alex tempts me.
I found some nice low calorie recipes with chicken and egg and one even with shrimp so im going to be eating them. Alex can eat what he want and i will cook him what ever he wants but for me i am sticking to my plan with claw and tooth for the next 2 weeks.
Its really good as Jess is eating healthy as well so even when i go visit her the majority of the time i will still be eating healthy to! Plus we will be going jogging and i will probably follow her on a bike when i cant jog anymore lol As she runs miles and miles and miles more than me anyway!
So fingerscrossed i should be 57kgs if all goes well yay!

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