Naughty me

Ok yesterday i was very bad i didnt go jogging or do my weights workout. I had decide to take a day off as i will be walking alot in france next week, also jogging and of course doing my race with Jess!
So in my mind its ok to take a break once in a while so i dont over to it to much!
Also i was pulling out thick jumpers to take to france and they all look huge on me now! its like wearing a tent lol luckily i found one that looks ok!
But i think i will be doing some jumper shopping next week for sure! as i will need them for the winter and my trip to the UK which is end of october.
Also this week we went to see a gynocologist to find out why we havent got pregnant yet as we have been trying for over a year and half now.
I was really nervous at first wondering what the Doctor would be like but it turns out shes just lovely! She listened to all our fears and how long we have been trying etc. She gave me some vitamins with folic acid in to take from now on. She was impressed with my weightloss and that i mentioned i started running and that the fitness in the long run will help me have a family fingers crossed!
Shes made an appointment for me to a breast and pelvic xray which they do alot here to just make sure everything is all ok in these areas. Alex has a few tests of his own to do as well.
Then once they are all done we have to go back to see her.
One of the most interesting things she told us that i didnt know was that the same set of sperm stays for 3 months in a man before its all used up and more is made. So if the man is stressed or has bad habits it will affect the sperm!
So Alex my BF might have to cut down on his smoking and eat more healthy for a few months which will do him some good anyway i think.

So not much about running in this post lol mainly life stuff.


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