uh oh i did it again!

There is no running today as i have managed to hurt my back! which sucks! Im so stupid sometimes! i should have just rested and started to jog on wednesday like i planned! But oh no i have to be clever and go run a hard run on monday so soon after my 4k race!!
Monday evening my back and hips where aching in the extreme it was horrible!! Yesterday my back was so stiff i couldnt stand up straight for half the day!
So i know my friend Jess ices her legs after a run so i tried putting an ice pack on my back and OH MY GOD relief!!! I left it on there for 30mins and it was bliss! The aching stopped and i could stand up properly even though the stiffness is still there a bit! It was wonderful.
So now im resting my back for the rest of the week as im going to the UK on saturday and i want to be able to move around and enjoy that.
I did use my hand weights yesterday and will probably do that the rest of the week so im getting something done and dont feel completely lazy.
I have been thinking about cutting my running to 2 days a week during the winter and the other days of the week doing some of the Beachbody or Jillian workouts. As some of these have a program to follow for 30 to 60 days and i think i need the tonning now anyway.


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