4 miles done!

Ok i went out this morning and decided to attempt the 4 miles again! I had listen to advice from people on twitter (other runners im now following) and a friend of Alex’s who is a runner.

I didn’t eat breakfast and i waited at least 2 hours after my cup of tea before heading out. It was cold out there again (4c) but i soon warmed up and i ran. I didnt get any cramps! which im really happy about!!!

I managed to do 43 mins of running with 5 mins of 30 seconds breaks out of the entire 48mins of the 4 miles as im doing 12 min miles. I was so happy and felt positive all the way through the run! As i knew i had to do it!

I did have some knee, hip and back issues which i vblogged about link below:


So i blogged as soon as i got in lol in all my sweaty red faced glory feeling fantastic that i did my first 4 miles ever!

Flickr will let me upload 2 videos a month so i will probably just do that so i dont go crazy with vblogging.

I have emailed my Doctors certificate to the We Run Rome people as they need it for my 10k race. The doctor said im fine, he checked my blood pressure etc.

I might go to Decathlon tomorrow and get the other belt with water bottle attached to it and the winter running pants as i want to start training in what i will be using for the race!

I think its about 5 weeks til my 10k! im feeling excited and positive about it again!

Wanted to vblog

I have just made a vblog and then found out i cant have it on here unless i pay for my blog! which sucks!!

So im trying to think of another way of getting it on here, maybe with flickr link or something.

Im thinking about trying the 4 miles tomorrow and use mondays run as the 2 and half miler which was for tomorrow if that makes sense. I have been taking potasium and magnesium with salts sachets in water from yesterday to see if im running low on something.

I also asked on www.Womensrunninguk.co.uk if anyone else had the cramps i was getting but no replies so far!

Weight training if going well and im moving from 3kg weights to 4.25kgs and see how that goes for a week or to! Alex noticed my shoulders have a bit more muscle lol can’t wait til i see more definition in them! I hate my chicken wings!

Alex also mentioned my running cramp to a friend at his work who’s a runner and who has given Alex advice to give me when he gets home! so that should be interesting!

I miss chatting to my friend Jess, right now shes away visiting family. She also did a half marathon while she was there! I can’t imagine myself doing that much distance right now its just scary!

Ok finally heres the link to my first vblog! 😀  http://www.flickr.com/photos/runbritchickrun/6424488121/


Day 8 re-attempt – fail :(

So i left it til the afternoon to try again for the 4 mile run. 2 and half hours after eating, i made sure i was drinking loads of water so i was ready.

Got out there started the run and just over a mile the cramp starts again! It wasnt as bad as this morning so i kept going and managed to do 2 and half miles running/walking (woggling).

By the time i got to the front door i was almost doubled over in agony it was so bad. Im really disappointed i didnt make 4 miles it sucks big time!

I googled the pain i was feeling and found several things it could be:

Most athletes have experienced a side stitch or side ache at one time or another during exercise. That sharp, localized twinge of pain just below the rib cage that usually occurs on the the right lower abdomen. It is particularly common in runners and has been known to slow some athletes down to a walk until the pain subsides.

The most important factor in developing ETAP seems to be the timing of the pre-event meal. One study reported that consuming reconstituted fruit juices and beverages high in carbohydrate and osmolality (a measure of concentration), either just before or during exercise triggered the onset of a stitch, particularly in susceptible individuals.

A more complicated explanation put forth by some researchers is that a side stitch is caused by stretching the ligaments that extend from the diaphragm to the internal organs, particularly the liver. The jarring motion of running while breathing in and out stretches these ligaments. Runners tend to exhale every two or four steps. Most people exhale as the left foot hits the ground, but some people exhale when the right foot hits the ground. It is the later group who seem more prone to get side stitches.

Exhaling when the right foot hits the ground causes greater forces on the liver (which is on the right side just below the rib cage). So just as the liver is dropping down the diaphragm raises for the exhalation. It is believed this repeated stretching leads to spasms in the diaphragm.

Im thinking it could be the breathing maybe! i did have the same type of pain when i firsted start C5K all those long months ago. So i just have to work on that and see if it helps i cant think of what else it could be.

Im also going to see what they say on the womens running uk website maybe some members have experienced the same thing and i really feel i need some advice here.

Day 8 10k Training = Disaster!

I didnt do the 4 miles on sunday i wasnt feeling very well. Infact i had a very bad weekend, i felt unwell, weepy and depressed and over ate alot!

In that state i really freaked out about the 10k when i saw the map of the race route which is:

WE RUN ROME Sabato 31 dicembre 2011, ore 12:00 (mezzogiorno)


Start: Via dei Cerchi ,Via dei Cerchi ,Piazza Bocca della Verità ,Via Luigi Petroselli ,Via del Teatro di Marcello ,Piazza d’Aracoeli ,Piazza Venezia ,Via del Corso ,Piazza del Popolo, Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio ,Viale Adamo Mickievicz ,Piazza Bucarest Viale dell’Obelisco, Piazzale dei Martiri, Viale delle Magnolie, Piazzale delle Canestre, Viale Pietro Canonica, Viale dei Cavalli Marini ,Piazzale dei Cavalli Marini, Viale dei Cavalli Marini, Largo Francesco Trombadori ,Viale del Museo Borghese, Viale San Paolo del Brasile, Piazza San Paolo del Brasile, Largo Federico Fellini, Via Vittorio Veneto ,Piazza Barberini ,Via Barberini Largo di Santa Susanna, Piazza San Bernardo, Via XX Setembre, Via del Quirinale, Piazza del Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio Largo Magnanapoli, Largo Angelicum Salita del Grillo, Piazza del Grillo, Via Tor De’ Conti, Largo Corrado Ricci, Via dei Fori Imperiali Piazza del Colosseo, Via Celio Vibenna, Via di San Gregorio, Piazza di Porta Capena, Via dei Cerchi End: Via dei Cerchi

I got more depressed and weepy about it wondering how im ever going to complete it all. Its freaking scary knowing your going to do a race which you havent yet even run the whole distance for! im only on 4 miles so far and thats a struggle!

They emailed me requesting my doctors cert so im getting that done tuesday to scan and send to them. I did like the dryfit t-shirts they are giving us though which were on the website. Pink are the womens tops i believe.

Im sure its normal to freak out about your very first 10k if you havent run that distance before. Well i hope its normal! lol

My friend Marina suggested we walk the route the runs going to take so i can see exactly where im running which i thought was a good idea!


Back to the run today…well it was a disaster! I got up feeling a bit more positive about it had a piece of toast and some tea then waited an hour before heading out. It was pretty cold out there but i got going with my bottle of water and started to run. Not even 1 mile in and i get unbearable cramps!! even though i have been drinking water from my bottle! Is an hour not long enough for food digestion?!?!

So i tried running a bit more but the cramps would get worse it only eased when i walked so in the end i just came home.

Im really disappointed and worried. I have had cramps last week while running and now today which was the worse yet!

Im thinking about either going late mornings or in the afternoons to do my runs now maybe that will give my body more time to hydrate etc etc instead of getting straight up out of bed and going.

Im thinking about trying the 4 miles again this afternoon maybe around 3pm and see if thats a better time.





Day 7 10k Training

This week so far has really been a struggle with my running, i havent been in the mood to run when i wake up but have been making myself go anyway because it has to be done as im training!

This morning was no exception i woke up and didnt want to go even though it was only 2 mile (24mins) run. The run went well although again i got tired really quickly i think im still running faster than i should and not noticing although i do slow myself down when i notice!

I got cramp in my tummy last 3 mins of the 2 miles, it wasnt a de-hydration pain this was different. I had eaten a couple of biscuits almost 40mins before the run and i wondered if i hadnt digested them properly.

Im really not looking forwards to the 4 mile run on sunday im actually DREADING it!

Hopefully i will be in a better mind set when sunday comes fingers crossed lol

I have an app on my phone which counts down days to events and i have put the 10k race on it. I have 36 days until the 10k race and i hope im ready im really nervous about it!

Day 6 10k Training

So today i was doing tuesdays run which i missed because it was raining non stop and the parks path was slippery with wet leaves. I had to really push myself to go out as missing a day made me feel a bit lazy! But i did get out there and do the 2.5miles! Which was 30mins of running.

It was a good run i got a bit tired towards the end, i think i need to start eating breakfast on the mornings of my runs as im running further than i have before and i think i need it lol rather than running on an empty tummy.

I walked only once for 30 secs and that was to take a drink from my new Nike water bottle as it was my first time with it training. It wasnt to bad carrying it but i might get the water bottle on the belt for the longer runs and 10k. The few other times i drank from it i did it while i was running which was a bit weird but i managed.

I still managed to get the de-hydration crap on the last minute of the run as i had only been taking tiny swigs of water when i think maybe i needed to gulp it down a bit more.

Im getting nervous about my longer runs….doubting myself weather i can do them or not its a bit scary to be honest. I have started having a nervous cough, where when i think about the race my throat feels tickly and i cough. But if im thinking about something else then i dont cough lol its all mental lol

Quite enjoying twitter and having it linked here to my blog i think thats kinda fun lol

I can’t even think about races next year at the moment as i feel it all hinges on how well i do on the 10k!

Cold weather gear

Not sure i will be running today its cold and raining and when i went to the shop i saw someone trying to run in the park. Well it was more of a fast walk than a run as im sure he was trying to dodge all the wet slippery leaves on the floor. Running can be quite dangerous when its raining especially with that amount of winter leaves lol

So i might be running tomorrow instead which means i wont have 2 rest days before my long run on sunday it will just be one.

Yesterday i met up with Marina and we went to the Nike store in Termini and looked at all the lovely expensive running stuff we both covert lol i ended up buying a Nike running water bottle with a hand strap to take out when im training as i really need one as im running further now.

After that we had fun talking about my race in dec and why shes not running during winter while window shopping.

We went for Indian at lunch time and it was very yummy! I love the way we always find new little places to eat! We ended up talking about Decathlon the huge sports shop that has several shops.

I told her that there was one at the shopping Mall Porta di Roma which was in my area. So we decided to do a crazy thing and jump on the 38 bus at Termini which would take us all the way to the shopping mall.

It was exciting to go there on the bus as i have always been by car with Alex!

When we reached Porta di Roma Marina loved it! We walked about for ages window shopping and going in the pet shop to stare at the puppies they had for sale which were sooooo cute!!

Finally we went into Decathlon and it was huge! After some searching we found the womens running section! We ended up spending 1 hour just looking at the cold weather running tops and pants! There were several pretty tops and in the end i bought a grey and blue cold weather running top which was only 20 euros!. Marina liked it to and wants to go back and buy one.

I liked a pair of cold weather running pants to but didnt have enough money to buy both! So i want to go back and buy a pair when i do have the money as its cold now and i really do need them!

We spent 30mins in the other part of the running sections which had gloves, hats, sports bra’s, water bottles, running belts etc etc

I saw several things i liked there as well!

There sales are in January so we are planning to go togeather after christmas and hit the sales! Hopefully we will get some awesome cheap stuff! We are also planning another trip there before christmas and maybe spend the whole day there and get some lunch etc.

It was nice to go there with a friend and not feel rushed like i do when Alex is with me lol as he usually wants to be in and out of shops as soon as possible!

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