Day 16 – 10k Training with Garmin!

So tuesday afternoon i did a 2 hour power walk to pick up the Garmin from a friends shop and then bought it home! My thighs aches afterwards lol and i was very tried.

But i excitedly pulled it all out left the Garmin to charge and read through the booklets! It looks huge on my tiny wrist lol but its very cool with all the buttons and what i have read it can do!

Wednesday i was ill it felt like i had swallowed a golf ball and my nose was running like crazy, i think it was a combination of a cold and the result of me running while breathing through my mouth while its cold out. So i took some medicine and just took it easy (no weights or exercise at all).

My friend Jess talked me through the Garmin connect website and some of the stuff i can do with it!! so cool!

Thursday i didnt feel up to my 2 mile run i still felt crappy and instead went to meet my friend Marina for lunch as a buffet chinese/sushi place she had found. And OMG it was heaven!! the food was amazing soooo good! and all you can eat for 10 euros!!

Seriously its the best find ever in Roma! and the sushi was so good i really want to go there more for sure! So we ended up stuffing our faces bad for the diet i know but i hadnt had sushi in 8 months and it was worth it!

I found these cute hairbands with a halo and pink wings on in a cheapo shop and bought them as me and Marina are going to wear them at the Roma Fun Run in March! lol

So this morning i wanted to test the Garmin! im feeling much better just a runny nose now and decided to try the 2 miles.

I got outside and it took about 2 mins for the Garmin to find a signal and then off i went.

I was a bit scared i hadnt been running enough with my Nike band as its about a mile out but i was timing the times anyway with it.

Im happy to report i am doing 12 min miles!! 😀 according to the Garmin (thank god for that lol). So 24 mins all togeather, 22mins running/2 mins walking.

My nose was running through the run and in the last mile my legs felt heavy and i just wanted to get inside towards the end.

My next big test is sunday when i have to do a 5 miler!


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