Day 17 – 10k Training the 5 miler!

I was supposed to go jogging on sunday but it was raining and cold and i though meh i dont want to lol

Sunday night at 1.30am i got woken up by the old man in the next flat shouting for help! Apparently Alex said i was like a rocket out of the bed after i woke him up. I hate hearing people in distress and it was worse because we couldnt get in through his locked front door.

Hes a sweet old man who cant walk very well and his deaf as a post so it was awful hearing him call for help but him not realising we were there outside trying to get to him. We called the emergency services and some firemen and ambulance turned up. They managed to force the door open. The old man was sitting at his kitchen table and apparently his legs had given up and he couldnt get up!

It sounded like he had been crying poor man im so glad i woke up and heard him because god knows how long he could have been there and old people can be very fragile. Anyway they took him off to hospital and we are waiting to hear any news about him.

So this morning i got up for my run and felt knackered! We hadn’t got straight back to sleep so we hadnt slept much and i was facing my first 5 mile run ever!

So after the cup of tea, banana and nuts i waited for about an hour then headed outside. Its bloody cold out there now so i wore a winter running top. I could see my breath when i breathed and my hands got cold very quickly.

I had stretched really well before coming out so once the Garmin was activated off i ran. I stuck to my mile by mile positive thinking & everything went well.

I got cramp in my left side 2 and half miles into the run. It was weird because it started in the left side then moved to my right side. It actually got so bad i had to pause the watch for 2 mins and sit on a bench until it passed!

The cramp eased on the last mile and i carried on going. But glad i managed to finish the whole 5 miles!

So i did 5 miles in 1 hour and 1 min (so that was 50mins running and 11 mins walking) I think i walked more becuase of the cramp. I did run through the cramp but when it got really bad i was forced to walk.

I dont think thats bad for my first 5 miler ever 🙂

I have 12 more days until the WeRunRome 10 race! they still havent told us when we can pick up out t-shirts, goodie bags and bibs! I hope its soon! lol



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