Day 19 – 10k Training

I was supposed to run friday morning (yesterday) but we has so much to do before xmas i decided to leave it until the next day and it was really cold as well and im starting to hate running when its cold outside.

Anyway this morning i woke up knowing i had to get the 3 miles done! So i had a banana and some nuts but this time i didnt drink my tea i decided to have it afterwards.

I waited an hour then went outside and god it was cold! I did plenty of stretching found the GPS on my watch and off i went.

Strangely it went really well i didnt get any cramps or complaints at all through the run!

I walked for about 3mins of the run and the rest was running which was 31mins! Well actually the whole run was 33mins 53 secs i think so i was 2 mins 10 seconds-ish faster than i normally am!! Why i was this much faster  today i dont have a clue! lol

I felt like i was going to throw up when i got inside and had to lay on the bed for a few minutes. The thing is i didnt feel like i was running faster! My legs didnt get tired and i felt fine so i  cant understand how i was 2 mins faster than normal lool

The Werunrome people keep posting stuff about the run on facebook and twitter which im following! We can pick up our face packs on 28th, 29th, 30th dec!! So next week at one of there shops in the centre! 

They posted some photos of there shop and the WeRunRome theme on there FB page which was nice to see!

I have two more runs left before the race! 5 and half miles then a 3 miler!



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