Day 3 – 15k Training

I actually missed day 3 of the training which was supposed to be 2 miles on saturday but i didnt go in the end lol

So i decided to do Day 3 today which is actually day 4! loool confusing i know 😛

Anyway i decide to run to the bigger park as i had 3 miles today and i also went closer to lunchtime hoping it would be a tiny bit warmer which it was.

I had to do the first mile with only one earphone in as i was running near a road and crossing roads and i wanted to be aware of what was around me.

I did the second mile in the Park but i found this hard going as the path there is made of gravel which im not use to running on and i got that ache again just below my knee. I ended up walking here and there as i just wasnt used to it, i seem to prefer running on tarmac which is what i have so far trained on over the last year.

I got cramp during the last mile which lasted half a mile and wasnt very nice at all in my right side above my ribs! and i was thankful as the last mile was running home again from the park!

So i did 34 mins 33 sec all togeather which was 30mins of running and 4mins 33 seconds of walking!

I have gotten back into doing my Chalean extreme weight workouts which is good! Also i have started a fitness programme called Turbo Jam where you do the different workouts each day for 30 days.

I have been using the stability ball as well as on the same set of workouts they have a workout for core exercises with the ball! And OMG its tough!! i ached for days after doing it! A whole hour using the ball! lol So hopefully this will help to tone me up nicely!

My second 10k is this sunday coming and im very excited about it! Hoping the day will be a bit warmer and sunny which it is alot at the moment!



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