La Corsa Di Miguel 10k

Well this morning i was up at 6.35am to get up have breakfast and a cup of tea before heading out to meet up with my friend Marina for the race! She logged onto MSN while i was munching my toast and we chatted quickly before both getting our running gear on and heading out.

The plan was to meet at the Flaminio metro station barriers at 8.30am then get the train. I turned up early and after waiting 10minutes had to go find a Bar in which i could use the loo! As the nervous peeing had started again lol And always on race day grrrr!

Anyway Marina came a bit later with her husband Cart in tow! We all headed for the train and found a load of other runners waiting aboard it all excited and chatting about the event! Marina looked so nervous bless her and i knew how she felt as it wasnt that long ago i ran my first 10k! But she had an advantage over me as she regulary runs 10k’s on her normal running days!

We reached the station and everyone piled out and on the way out we were given blue plastic water jackets with the race logo on the back! another freebie lol We had already gotten some hand gels, hand cream, a t-shirt & a neck scarf/head scarf thing from the goodie bags we had picked up the day before!

We followed the crowd to the race area and went straight for the porta-loo’s as we both needed a nervous pee lol after talking to several people and hearing the full marathon begin we were finally pointed in the right directions for the start line.

There didnt seem to be any signs pointing in the direction of it and by the time we got there we were right at the back which was good for us anyway!

The music started the man shouted go and off we went! We were at the back end of the racers and soon alot of them were a blur in the distance but we were not last! 😀

I kept pace with Marina who has a lovely pace! one i want to keep to myself when normally running as im way to fast! A couple of times i found myself speeding up and had to slow myself down again!

We listened to our music, sometimes chatted, commented on things or joked around which kept us both going. We saw some proffessional photographers and smiled for them as they took our pics which were nice. My knee started aching half way though and i had back ache i only walked for about 3mins in the entire race as Marina kept me going.

The back ache went numb after 4 and half miles lol

We past a girl who had been one of the fast runners she was on the floor with some ambulance men around her it looked liked she’d collapsed or fallen and hit her head. She was awake but looked in pain poor thing!

The last half a mile Marina speeded up a little as we search for the finish line ahead lol as we saw the finish line Marina burst forward at a sprint and crossed the line before me with a grin on her face and her arms in the air lol So im pretty sure she enjoyed the her first race!

We were given oranges, a yoghurt drink and sweet hot tea afterwards as we went to find mer Husband who had been patiently waiting for us.

We did the whole 10k in 1 hour 17 minutes! which isnt had at all! just 4 minutes slower than my other 10k!

Im very proud of both of us we did so well!

I mentioned the next race for febuary which is a 7km non competitve and a 14km competitive. I said maybe we could do the 7km and Marina looked at me and said lets do the 14km! looool so i think her race addiction might have started today 😛

On another note on friday i recieved some photo’s of me running my first 10k! There are 7 photo’s in all taken my a proffessional photographer! I have to pay 27 euro’s to keep them but they are very worth it!! my first pro race photo’s lol the best ones going on the my race wall lol


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  1. rinaz
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 13:56:55

    It was a very lovely run and that was a wonderful post, as always. I really enjoyed today. Thank you for running with me! 🙂


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