Day 5 – 15k Training

This morning we were out getting more wedding documents sorted out so i didnt get a chance to go out and run! We were both excited to sort out the final piece of what we need here and the next stop for us with the wedding documents is to take them to Tuscany where we will have the event.

Anyway we had a lovely lunch and planned when we would go there.

Then i went home knowing i had some running to do today. I had lost the mood to run when i first got back but i made myself dress in my running clothes and waited for a while before heading out.

Im running to the adjusted plan now so today was 4 miles! After getting my GPS watch on off i went with the sun shining. I got hot pretty quickly as i was wearing my winter top so i need to start wearing my short sleeved ones lol

I actually felt really good running, i kept to my steady pace which i had done in the race with Marina. I ran to the big park and found lots of people walking there dogs and running.

Strangely i didnt have the negative part of my brain telling me to go home or not do all the miles lol i actually found my running zone quite quickly and really enjoyed it. My left knee ached a bit on the last 2 miles but apart from that my body felt fine.

Im suprised how quickly my body recovered since sundays run! but i guess being my second 10k run my body is adjusting to the stress and distance lol

When i got home i discovered a bit on my tummy! which looks suspisicously like a mosquito bite! i know its 13c here in Roma but they shouldnt be active this early?!!

Not sure if we are doing the 14k Rock&run race or if we are just doing the 7k they have, i am letting Marina choose as it will be her second race 🙂


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