Knee resting

I was supposed to run thursday but my left knee has been aching so i have decided to rest it for 4 days then start again fresh on monday. I know my knee has been feeling dodgy since my first 10k back in December and doing my next 10k last sunday seems to have made it more unhappy.

So im going to see how it goes on monday, see how it feels and ice it after the run and if its still unhappy i will have to pay the doctor a visit!

One good thing im down to 58kg’s again!! I have been stuck on 59kg’s for 6 months and its good to see it finally shifting lol

I have been doing my weights workout but slacking on the stability ball this week 😦 i need to find my focus again.

I really want to start working out the back of my arms as i still have chicken wings! The top of my arms are looking good with some muscle its just the under part which is letting it down lol

I finally have the registration form printed for the 5k race i want to do and i just need to fill it in and drop it off at the place to be entered. Thats the race you get a medal at the end & its the same day as the RomaOstia HM.

The Rock&Run race im still not sure about but it looks like we might be doing the 7k and apparently if we are doing that one we can register on the day at the race.

Monday the ballots are being drawn for the RPHM so i will see if i have gotten into that or not! 😀


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  1. Julia
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 12:10:31

    Sounds like your knee needs some TLC, hope it gets better soon.


    • ciro1
      Jan 27, 2012 @ 12:15:02

      Thanks 🙂 im hoping i have just over done it a little and the rest will help. Dont want it to be a problem in the future!


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