HM Race thoughts

I didnt get into RPHM 😦 which im a bit sad about as that would have been an awesome first Half Marathon!

And i have decided i would really like to do a HM even if i do a mix of walking and running 🙂 So now comes the decision of what race i want to try and get into and when i want to do the race! Im pretty sure i want to do one end of the year or begining of 2013.

I need time to prepare myself and train for it if i eventually get into a HM.

I have signed up my interest in the Nike ‘Run to the beat’ HM in october in London. Its in Greenwich near where i used to live when i lived in London so i know the area fairly well. So that would be an interesting race as at least i would know where im going lol and my friends live a 30 minutes walk away from the starting line! So i would be really close for the race day 😛

The other race i was looking at was the Windsor HM but according to my twitter runners thats very hilly and so i dont think i will try that one as i hate hills lol

Other options if i can’t find one for this year there is the Roma Ostia HM which is in Feb but i would be running it in 2013 not this year lol

Interntional races i have been looking at to do which aren’t HM are La Parisianne ladies 6k in Paris in September as i missed the sign up deadline for that last year grr so determined to do it this year!

There’s also a Budapest 10k ladies race in October as well and a HM but not sure what the terrian is like there weather it would be hilly or not so might have to ask around on twitter and see if anyone has done it before.

Races for the rest of the year here in Roma: I have a 7k Rock&roll race next sunday (couldnt get into the 14km after all as it is pro only), 5k EurRoma race, Roma Fun run 4k, 10k Race for the cure in May & a few other assorted races i need to look through.

So thats my plan so far its a work in progress lol


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