I didn’t go running on friday as it was raining like crazy and very very cold. I had planned to go in the afternoon if the rain had let up but then suddenly it started to snow and snow alot! Alot of places sent people home early because they were afraid of people getting trapped at work so Alex came home after lunch!

I did get a bit grumpy because i have been almost house bound this week with the cold & not much to do but workout which i was starting to find boring (workout videos)

The snow kept coming and Alex had to walk home from work which took him 1 hour! So i knew i wasn’t going running in the afternoon lol as everything outside was a big mess. The snow stopped in the evening and i though it would all melt as it began to rain.

I still had hopes to go running the next day and even go to the shopping mall to buy new running pants!

So this morning we woke up and were greeted with snow EVERYWHERE!! So there’s no way im going running in this! We went for a nice walk in the park and had a snowball fight.

My friend Marina told me on FB that she had seen some runners this morning which we both thought was a bit crazy! They have to be hardcore to run in snow like this!!

Im still hoping to order some stuff off Sportsdirect if i can convince Alex that there reliable and will send the stuff out by special post lol

With all this snow i really dont know if we will be doing the 7km race next sunday or not! I guess it all depends on how long the snow stays 🙂

Its really nice to see some snow here as i miss the snow in the UK and the last time it snowed like this in Roma apparently was 1985!! So we should enjoy it while it lasts lol


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