Not sure if im Running today…

I had a nice time on Tuesday my birthday! bought two cupcake tops & a chinese cat money book πŸ™‚ My friend Marina bought me a blackcat necklace and matching bracelet which i love!

We went to the crunchy chicken place which was really nice and alot like KFC in the UK! I had a chicken burger which was really nice!

We spent 6 hours walking round central Roma enjoying the day and my already aching legs started aching again! lol but it was well worth it! πŸ˜€

That evening i was hit with bad time of the month cramps! i was literally doubled over in pain the only time is eased was if i was laying down. So at 9.30pm i went to bed hoping they would go away.

Wednesday i woke up to stiff legs again and still bad cramps 😦 ( i never usually have them this bad) so i took the day as a rest day and did some reading.

The temp is supposed to be getting warmer here so im hoping that it does as i hate the cold weather now just want it to warm up a little bit thats all.

Today im supposed to do a 7 miles long run…..but im not sure i have it in me. I stil have them bloody cramps! and there still hurting alot 😦 i have never had them so bad usually after the first day im fine and go running normally but this month they seem unbearable.

So my plan is to wait til the afternoon and see how i feel. If they have eased by then i will go for a run and see how far i can go even if its only a couple of miles. If there still bad in the afternoon then i will try running tomorrow instead.

Also im thinking of moving this weeks training plan to next week, i know you have to allow for injury etc when following a plan so i guess thats what im doing now.

The only good thing is i have noticed more silver stretch marks around my hips which means im losing more weight! πŸ˜€ Which i think is awesome! Im viewing my stretch marks as marks of achievement so im happy with more weight loss!

Also im down to 58kg’s and have been for the last 3 weeks! It seems to be my normal weight now i think thanks to the long runs im doing! So thats all good πŸ˜€


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