Day 12 – 15k Training – First PB!

I have been feeling a bit down lately and a bit negative not really sure why. Some of the runners on twitter suggested maybe it was because i hadnt run in 3 days and they sometimes get moody without there runs lol

I have been looking at Half Marathons again and making plans. I want to train for a half marathon and do a HM in October maybe in the UK. Then at some point i would like to do the Brighton Half, Bath Half as well as the RomaOstia HM.

Part of me is being negative…..negative about that i can run the distance of 13.1…. but i felt like that when faced with 10k but i did it! And have run 10k more than once! So i can achieve 13.1 miles i just have to believe in myself!

Anyway i got up knowing i was gonna run today even though it was raining lol

I wanted to do 7 miles but i kept thinking if it rained hard then i would do what i could then come home. When i got outside it was just a light rain so i was happy to get running in that.

My first 2 miles were really sluggish and i was slower than i usually am which i thought was weird as im not usually that slow. After that i ran from the little park down the road to the bigger park.

I found i was doing a little bit more walking than i usually do when running normally but both knees felt heavy and at one stage i did get a little knee pain.

I found a felt like running path and did a mile on that which was easier on my knees and my legs felt much much happier. Then i did another mile on the other gravel path. At this stage (mile 4 and half) i decided to just do a 10k then go home.

So i started running back then glanced at my watch and realised i was still under my normal 10k time and could maybe see if i could get it under my original time of 1 hour 13mins!!

So the last mile i just went for it ignoring everything but the clock on my garmin lol as i hit 10k my time was 1 hour 11 mins!! yipppiee!!

a whole 2 mins faster than normal!! my first PB!! (personal best) ever! so happy with that! I would love to get it under an hour! something i can work on 😛



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