EUR2Roma 5k race

I was supposed to run on friday but decided to have a 5 mile walk instead in the sunshine which was really nice and which i enjoyed. When i got back i ended up having a 3 hour nap as well lol as i hadnt been sleeping very well the few nights before. I didnt want to do to much as i was doing a 5k race on the sunday anyway.

Saturday afternoon i met up with Marina and we headed to the place near Eur Palasport where we could pick up our race pack for the 5k race. It was really busy there with loads of people picking up there HM bags as well! As the RomaOstia HM was running on the same day as our race!

The race expo was small but nice! and i saw a table for the ‘run for the cure’ race in May so after chatting to the lady i signed up for the race which cost 13 euros and i got some free baby wet wipes and some Roc face cream free for signing up that day! lol That race isnt til May and again its a 5k!

We found the table which was handing out our bibs, tops and goodie bags and the lady gave me a medium top which i discovered when we got to Marina’s was huge and tent like on me! But they gave Marina SS! which fit her perfectly! so next time i know to ask for Small size! The tops were nice adidas dry fit tops.

Also we were handed alot of leaflets about other races that are being held!

We also got a scarf in the bag and an adidas booklet which showed all there latest things they had for sale!

We had a nice long walk afterwards and went to check out the market near there before heading back to Marina’s for an early night.

I was staying at her house as the race start line wasnt far from her house and it was better than getting up stupidly early to travel there from my house!                                                                    


Sunday morning we were up at 7.30am to have some breakfast and prepare for the race! The race was to start at 9.30am and we wanted to be there for 9am to have plenty of time before it started!

But it didnt turn out that way lol the bus we were going to get wasnt working as the roads were closed so we managed to get a bus a bit closer to it but still had 2km to walk to the start line.

As we were walking we saw the proffessional Half Marathon runners run past us! so we knew we were late as we approached the start line i could see loads of people running off in the distance as i thought oh crap we have missed it! But luckily that was still the Half Marathon people going on there way!

We walked back along and found the start of the 5K race people where all there held back behind the line ready to go and we were walking towards them! Just before we reached the startline the man began counting down from 5 to 1!! and then the race started and everyone was off lol We had almost reached the startline but not quite so we just jumped into the sea of runners and started the race that way.

Marina’s husband was running with us and he doesnt run so he told us to leave him as he would be jogging and running as much as he could. So we set a slow pace and off we went after everyone else.

The day was really nice sunny and blue skies and it was a really enjoyable run! There were running clothes everywhere on the ground where the Marathoners had just chucked of tops as they went! I remember thinking what a waste of running clothes lol and was tempted to go pick them all up! But then i saw a man with a black bin bag collecting them so i know they will be sold in the market stalls this week!! 😛

We werent last in the race we were at the back but we passed alot of people which was good and i ran the whole thing with no walking breaks which i sometimes do when training (30 secs of walking)

When we reached the finish line we recieved a lovely medal for our achievement! and also a magnum icecream and a goodie bag with milks, juice, honey, chocolate and water inside!

We ate our icecream’s and waited for Marina’s husband to arrive who we cheered on as he made it across the line with 5 people behind him so he wasnt last either yay!!

We all really enjoyed the race and would recommend it to any runners visiting Roma at this time next year!

Our next race will be the Roma Fun run which is 4k in a few weeks time YAY!


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