Day 14 – 15km Training

I know i did the 5k race yesterday but i woke up feeling fine and my legs felt ok so decided to run today! 😀

I decided to do another 5k in the park as my training today as i thought it would be fun to run 3.1 miles again and see if i was faster than yesterday.

The run was good my legs were fine didnt have any problems even my knee felt good which i thought was suprising! I tried to have a few minutes of running faster here and there. Especially on the first mile and last mile. I did my 5k in 36mins and yesterday 5k race was done in 37mins so 1 minute difference lol which is still good!

I am starting something on the 1st March called Marchathon on twitter where you have to run everyday of March and blog about it. They did the same thing for January and i decided to start it for March as i missed the January one! Also it will help boost my weight loss & give me the push i need!

Im angry with myself at the moment as i have been bad with my healthy eating! I had gotten down to 58kgs and was maintaining it and now im back up to 59kg’s this morning 😦

I know its my own fault i havent been eating all the veggies i usually eat, we have been eating out more and i have been eating bigger portion sizes than i need….sigh….and no many carbs which i dont need!

So now its going to be veggies and protein for dinner and lunches with a little bit of carbs mixed in! 😀


But Alex gave me food shopping money this morning and im going to the supermarket to buy more veggies and stuff for healthy lunches and dinners again! We have been to lazy with easy take out food when we should be cooking at home!


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