Day 2 Marchathon

So today is day 2 of Marchathon 😀

And i decided to take it easy with a 2 mile run! My legs felt a bit tired from yesterdays long run so a short run was in order! Especially as im only used to running 3 days a week lol and think i should build up more miles on the non training days slowly with Marchathon or i wont have the energy to complete the whole month lol

Run was good legs felt a bit tired which is why i only did 2 miles as i said. Knee slightly uncomfortable but thats normal for me now 😛  Its really warm out and im sweating a bit more than usual lol

There are two other people on twitter so far doing Marchathon with me which is cool! and apparently there will be a Juneathon as well! Which hopefully i will be taking part in as it gets quite hot here during that month so we shall see!

I have been looking for races in the Dolomities here in Italy as thats where we go for a few weeks in the summer on holiday 😀 Its the mountain area so the altitude is much higher and it takes me a day or two to get used to it!

So i was looking to see if there were any short races while we would be there! I have found a race but it isnt short lol its 15 miles of trail over mountains!!! :S

Im not quite sure im ready for something like that! But its something to book mark for a later date maybe! Would be an awesome achievement!

I did more booty workouts yesterday and im still feeling sore lol got another 2 to do today! I want to keep it up for the entire month and get my butt in shape.

And i just realised that holy crap! only 2 days doing the Brazilian butt lift workout & im seeing a difference!!!! :O Im sticking to this workout like crazy now 😛

And its taken a week but im back down to 58kgs!! YAY!!!  (which is 127 lbs in lbs and in stone lol its 9 stone if your not sure of kgs!)

Not a bad achievement from someone who used to be 70kgs!! (11 stone or 154lbs)  😛



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