Day 4 Marchathon

Today it was harder getting out there…it didnt help with Alex laying on the bed telling me jokingly that i couldnt go running and should lay on the nice soft bed! grrr

But i had to get it done i had made a promise to myself about March and i need to keep it!

Once i was outside the run was a pleasure! It was all blue sky sun was shining, it was a little bit chilly but i didnt mind!

There were loads of people in the little park! dog walkers, old people, young people, runners, walks, people on bikes! So you can imagine i had quite a few moments of dodging as i ran lol

Also groups of people tend to meet eachother then stand all over the path while chatting away! Which is quite annoying as your trying to get past them and they seem not to notice that there taking up the whole walking area!

Anyway run was good i started off slow on the first mile, back of calves were tight as i didnt stretch this morning (again because Alex was home lol) Second mile i pushed myself faster and calves felt fine after that! No pains or any thing and the run was really good.

I have noticed im doing way less 30 sec breaks than i used to! My legs just seem to want to keep going and going once i get running now im doing it every day!

I also noticed my hips and top of my butt is slighty more tonned and less saggy! YAY!!!!! Im so obsessed with the Brazilian Butt Lift workout now as it seems to be working really quickly! I mean i know my butt is quite saggy so i guess it would work quite quickly with that to work on lmao!!

I bought the dress im using for my wedding last week! Its cream coloured and so so lovely and fits perfectly so im not allowed to gain or lose any weight lmao!! but i thinking tonning my butt doesnt count so it should all be ok fingercrossed heehee!

Im looking forwards to the Roma Fun Run in a few weeks time its only a 4km race but i love the atmosphere,and the crowd. Its a wonderful experience & will be the second time i have taken part in it! 😀





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