Day 17 &18 Marchathon & Roma Fun Run!

Ok yesterday i didnt have time to run! We were really busy sorting out Alex’s wedding suit etc, food shopping, cleaning & going to the pub lol So i didnt get to run at all!

This morning i was up at 6.40am to get ready for the Roma Fun run! I was really looking forwards to it as last year this was my first non offical race lol Basically i had randomly started doing 5k training a few weeks before & was lazy at it. We did the fun run but walked most of it & i remember being tired afterwards so this year i was going to run it all!



Got to the centre in plenty of time but found some roads blocked off so i ended up walking 3 miles just to get to the start line where i could buy my bib & get the race t-shirt. So it was getting close to 9.oo am & start time while i was waiting for Marina & Cart to arrive when they arrived!

We couldnt believe all the people there ready to do the fun run! there were even more people than last year, we could barely move around it was so crowded!

We managed to shuffle forwards it the crush and then it was off time! They played music while we all walked across the start line & thats when the problems started. People pushing forwards trying to get more forwards, no room to run!

I got pushed, kicked & wacked several times which i can tell you was not nice! We tried running and managed for a few minutes at a time then had to stop because there were to many people in front in the way walking (and this was the entire 4km!!!). Other people where rudely running onwards pushing us out the way or shoving.

We noticed there was only 2 bands playing on the route (last year there was 6) and towards the end someone playing music with speakers.

So basically we all got tired of trying to ‘run’ so we ended up walking the 4km! I really had no wish to injure myself on a fun run or get tripped or pushed over.

I was really happy to cross the finish line to be honest and for the walk to end!

We were also disappointed at the freebies we got this year, our bib’s, the t-shirt, some water, gatoraid & some milk! Alot less than last year!

The cost of the run also has gone up from 7 euro’s to 8 euros and we started wondering what we had actually paid for!?!

I doubt i will do this short fun run again, its a lovely atmosphere but not good if you want to run, i know someone else who managed to get to the front and do it in 33 mins but i dont really want to fight through 6 thousand people just to do 4km’s!

So i think im going to stick to proper races from now on 😀


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