Day 23 Marchathon – walk

So as i said yesterday i decided not to run today but have a walk instead!

So this morning i was up and cleaning the house for a few hours so i could go for the care-free walk in the afternoon. As you can see from the pic they are still trimming the trees! lol

The path i followed was my new running route! 2 miles one way so 4 miles there and back!

This is the graffetti bridge i kept mentioning lol the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm, quite a few people walking there dogs, walking, running and biking!

You know its spring time with all the flowers everywhere! I kept seeing little lizards running across the path but they were to fast to get a photo 😦 

I found this shark graffetti which i thought was quite cool!

So i really enjoyed my long walk rather than running today. I think its good to do something different some times…mix things up.

I did 2 x plank today both 1 min’s! which im quite proud of as i have been told its really good! So im going to plank a day!

Another thing im doing everyday is my v-up’s!

Also today i did 40 mins of cardio/tonning stability ball workout which was alot of fun!

Im really starting to see more changes in my lower half! less of a muffin top which is making me happy! I will really be proud of myself if i can get it flatter and more tonned!

Im back on my fitnesspal website as i know i have been slacking with my calories lately! so im aiming to lose 1 lb and a half a week and see how that goes!

5 more weeks til my wedding! and i cant believe it!!!! its going so quick now! I tried my wedding dress on again the other day and my hands were shaking lol It still looks lovely and i cant wait to wear it!

We still need to sort out rings, Alex is picking up his suit etc tomorrow and we need to talk to the place we are having the lunch after the ceremony and then we will be completely ready!

Im quite looking forwards to my Hen day as well with my friend Jess and Marina! I think it will be alot of fun and we can have a good laugh and some cocktails! 😀




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