Day’s 24, 25 & 26 Marchathon :)

Saturday i didnt go running we went to pick up Alex’s wedding suit as it had to be altered and also i didnt sleep very well friday night so saturday i was a bit zombie like and had to go for a long nap in the afternoon so there was no way i was running lol

Sunday me and Alex went for a 3 mile walk! To some bookshops! we did have macdonalds for lunch but i tried to stick to healthier/less calories options and we had a small dinner in the evening. Really enjoyed my walk with Alex and hoping to get him out there again on the weekends walking about!

Run today was very good! Sun shining again blue sky but theres a bit of a cooling breeze which is nice so i didnt over heat! There cutting the trees the other end of the path today so i decided to go run in the big park & im glad i did! So many people out walking, enjoying the sun, running! i loved it!

Didnt feel tired running this time i felt great! which just shows you that you need a rest day sometimes!

Hip ached slightly on second miles but then stopped, ย mile 4 and half knee hurt a little but apart from that i felt fine! ๐Ÿ˜€ I did 5 and half miles today although i noticed my pace started off fast (split miles) i started to get slower miles towards the end of the run lol but thats normal!

Thinking of going for another long run friday as well & maybe a 5km on wednesday! we shall see! ๐Ÿ˜€

Im down to 57.9kgs!!!! yippieeee!! i have never been below 58kgs something EVER!!! so its finally shifting the last kg i needed to move!! yay!

So the sticking the the calorie counting & not eating out very much is working! Im cooking healthy dinners with lots of veggies!

And i think the cardio/tonning stability ball workout im doing is helping!

Also i have my planking down to 1min 20 secs!! im getting better at it! And Alex even said yesterday he could see faint muscles in my abs area!!!

Im feeling so strong and awesome right now! I really cant believe i have got this far from where i was before!! Its amazing what a bit of willpower and determination can do! if you really start to believe in yourself and that you have no limits!


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