Day 28 Marchathon

I know i know im slacking on alot of days on Marchathon….but at least im still doing walking on them! lol

Today i woke up with that feeling that i didnt want to run but i convinced myself as im only running 3 days this week it was better to go do it!

I was going to run to the big park as that always makes me happy seeing the other runners and people. But in the first minute of my run i got a stabbing painful pain in my left butt cheek OMG it hurt like hell!!

So i decided to stick with the little park run as it was closer to the house if i needed to limp home at some point.

My butt hurt alot on and off during the whole run, after a mile and half the back of my left thigh (on the same leg) began to hurt to!! I felt like i was falling apart lol So i ran as much as i could and did a little bit of walking when it hurt to much.

I wanted to run further but i decided managing 3 miles was the safest thing to do rather than push it and hurt my butt and thigh worse!

Got home feeling hot sweaty, dizzy and slightly sick and now im just hungry and thirsty lol

Im still sticking to myfitnesspal website and being really good with my calorie counting!

And yesterday i finally found some shoes for my wedding which is in 4 weeks exactly from today!! Getting really excited i cant wait!

My friend who is going to run the Suffolk Coast 6 mile run with me managed to strain his achilies and hes now on crutches and has to ice it! Im hoping he will be alright for the race in 5 weeks! if not looks like i might be running it alone! But it will be worth it for the medal and bacon roll at the end! lol


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