Im still resting my strained muscle so havent done much exercise today apart from a short walk and cleaning the house! Its feeling better than yesterday but i still want to make sure its completely better before running again.

So i was talking to a runner on twitter and hes doing a Spartan race in October called the Beast! Its an obstacle run where you run through mud  etc 12 miles long and i have to say it looks AWESOME!!

So i was looking at there website and found the basic one you can start with called Spartan Sprint! Its a 5km race with lots of Obstacles! And its on the 16th October in London!

Im already going to do the Shock Absorber womens 10k on the 20th October so i was thinking maybe just maybe i could take part in this to!

And if i like it then maybe once a year i could progress and do the harder ones! It looks much more challenging than a normal race! and would be an awesome achievement!!

So i might sign up for it next weekend or from the look of the website you can sign up on the day as well! So i have some options if i want to take part!


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