Wedding Day

Its been over a week since i got married and i have been so busy i havent had a chance to blog about it! lol

So my Mum and Sister arrived on the 29th Jan in the afternoon and both loved it in Roma straight away! My mother loved the bright sunshine and the heat which was much different from the cold and wet weather they were having in the UK!

That evening they both enjoyed there first ever Italian pizza and to my amazement my mother loved it! As you can probably guess from that comment my mother is a very fussy eater and will let her dislike of something be known lool

Ciro my cat got on extremely well with both of them and it was love at first sight with my sister and him! which was good as Ciro has attacked my brother several times on his visits and has been known to make his dominate place in the house known to guests 😛

Anyway Friday morning we were all up early as my Mum and sister wanted to see the Vatican Museum before we left in the afternoon for Tuscany where the wedding would be over the weekend! So i was dragged out to show them around! We looked at a couple of local markets and they both bought second hand clothes.

Then it was in to the Vatican for a route march round up and down stairs and through corridors! My back was killing me by the end of it and we headed out to grab some lunch.

My mum had kind of liked the Vatican museum but hadnt been that impressed as she said it hadnt felt church like it felt very empty….

Anyway we headed back to the house grabbed the already packed bags and jumped in the car for the 2 and half hour drive to Tuscany.

When we got there we found a few of our friends who were coming had already arrived! We dropped our bags at our friends house who we were staying with then headed out to the little bar in the village centre so go meet them as they arrived.

By the evening everyone had arrived who was staying that evening and we all went out to eat! After finding that alot of places were booked and couldnt feed 10 people we finally managed to find a place but ended up eating late! It was a really good evening which i really enjoyed.

I didnt sleep well friday night as i knew the next day i would be getting married and i was nervous as hell! lol

Saturday morning came and i had time to have breakfast with my Sister and Mum and have a short walk round the piazza with them before all the madness started.

My friend Jess did my hair and makeup while my friend Marina took some photo’s of the process.

Alex was already dressed and off with one of his best men to the place we were getting married the Comune which is like the town hall as we were having what we would call a registery office like affair.

Once i was ready we all piled into the car and headed to the place! Everyone else who was coming and not stayed the evening before was there! The sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was hot and a beautiful day.

My Mum walked me into the church and my legs were shaking so hard in my little heels i was so nervous!

Then suddenly i was in the room with everyone and Alex! The ceremony is a bit of a blur as i was so nervous! We had a friend translating from Italian to English so everyone could understand and then the ring was on my finger and i was putting one on Alex! The last thing was to sign the form then the official who had completed the ceremony gave me a huge bunch of flowers which were lovely!

Then we were outside for the photo’s and the rice throwing! which went everywhere! and i mean EVERYWHERE! right down my dress and bra lool

The next thing was the huge lunch we had arranged to celebrate! Once we got to the place we were eating at ‘Mario’s’ i discovered there we somethings i couldnt eat because of my pregnancy! which sucked!!

My mum and sister were a bit shocked a the length of the meal which was about 3-4 hours long!!

There were many different starters ranging from mixed cheeses, mixed deli meats, different types of bruscetta, more cheese, veggies in batter, then there was a pasta dish, then two types of cooked meat then deserts and coffee!

I think everyone was ready to pop at the end of it! And almost everyone needed to lay down afterwards!!

That evening we all went out to the Local bar again and no one had dinner just some drinks as we watched a local music festival in the piazza which was really nice.

Then it was bedtime as we were both knackered!! Sunday was a more slow affair of having lunch with the friends we were staying with then heading back to Roma to rest and pack for the next day (the monday) as we were going to the UK with my mum and sister for our honeymoon!

Talk about a knackering experience!! But we are both happy its finally over and we can relax and focus on being married now and worry about being pregnant 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cath
    May 08, 2012 @ 11:13:46

    Oh I am so glad you posted this as I kept on checking back to see if you had – love weddings! It sounds like everything went perfectly and you look fantastic – what a stylish wedding look! Many congratulations to both of you!


  2. Kimberly
    May 08, 2012 @ 18:23:24

    Such a beautiful bride. Best wishes to you both!


  3. ciro1
    May 09, 2012 @ 13:26:07

    thankyou both so much! it was a wonderful day! and it went by so fast lol its almost been 2 weeks since the wedding which feels so weird!


  4. The Scribbler
    May 09, 2012 @ 14:01:16

    Congratulations and thank you for posting. You look absolutely stunning in your photos, so happy and excited. It sounds like a wonderful day.


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