Suffolk Honeymoon

Well what can i say about our honeymoon? lol its been very relaxing!! And truthly i think we both needed a relaxing break away after the hectic wedding build up!

We had the dinner in Norfolk with my friends and family and it was a lovely evening! It was so good to see everyone! some people i hadn’t seen in years…and so it was catch up time. Everyone enjoyed themselves and liked the dinner we had arranged alot! so i was really happy that we held it 😀

We also really liked the Premier Inn we stayed in for the first time the rooms were huge and the breakfasts excellent! Much better than any of the local hotels we had stayed in before when visiting and will use the Premier Inn again!

Then after that it was off to Suffolk to stay with my dad! We enjoyed a few walks on the beach although the weather has been cold and wet. Ate alot, slept alot, watched tv….lazy i know but we both really needed it after the wedding! And we are both feeling very relaxed now and ready to face all the issues of pregnancy when we go home on friday back to Roma.

I also have a huge bag of baby clothes that me, my sister and mum have bought over the last week! Just some booties, few little tops and the all in one suits. And there all yellow or white or another unisex colour as we wont know what sex the baby is for another month or so.

This week im 8 weeks along and i have gained about 3kgs from the wedding and honeymoon :/ although my pregnancy book says i should get water retention now and my jeans would start to feel tighter from now so i keep blaming it on that lol

I felt really sick going into the supermarket several times here which i think was the mixed smell of raw fish counter, bakery counter and meat counter overwhelming me but once i was outside for a while i felt much better. Thats all so far thats happened with being pregnant and we should have our first scan next week which we have to arrange.

I was intending to enjoy the food here anyway before we found out about the baby and so i have kept with that and been eating what i want! After all i only get to visit twice a year! although this year it will only be once 😦

I can’t believe we are going back to Roma in a few days (friday) it’s gone so quick! im going to miss my family and the foods i cant get in italy alot but i guess once im back in Roma everything will settle back into routine.

Also Alex is driving me insane! with his comments that im eating to much! grrrr he knew i was going to enjoy myself while i was here and he still says im getting fat which upset me a little. Now if i start eating something bigger than i normally eat he rolls his eyes and gives me a disaproving look!

At the end of the day im going to be back on boiled veggies, fishfingers and chicken when we go back to Roma as thats all i can seem to eat there at the moment! So im soon going to lose the 3kgs!! And also im pregnant so im soon going to look like a beached whale!! so what does he want me to do? lol Men they never understand about these things lol


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