I have been very hormonal the last few days….and it seems to be getting worse…..

I dont want to complain about the things im going through being pregnant because im happy and lucky to be pregnant as we had been trying for 2 years to get to this place!

The only thing that is upsetting me is the food choices here in Roma…all i seem to be eating is boiled veggies, fishfingers, hard boiled eggs and the occasional pork chop! As its very confusing what i can and cant eat!! and its driving me crazy!

Im not allowed raw veggies so no salads, no raw fruit that cant be peeled, no raw meat so no salame or proscuitto, no raw fish so no sushi, im only allowed tuna occasionally, im not allowed certain cheeses, soft or mould cheeses, i can’t have alot of bread or pasta incase of getting diabetis while pregnant.

When i was in the UK on my honeymoon i had a choice of so much stuff!! ready meals, every different thing you could think of to whack in the oven or microwave and eat.

Now im back in Roma i dont have alot of choice… as i said boiled veggies, fishfingers, hard boiled eggs and the occasional pork chop and maybe the odd pizza and its depressing!

We went to a BBQ today for an italian friends birthday and suprise surpise the starters where salame, proscuitto, several soft cheeses i cant eat, raw tomatoes……i did manage to get to eat a hard cheese so ended up having 4 small pieces of bread with cheese and a very over cooked piece of pancetta.

I couldnt eat any of the other BBQ meat as it was all under cooked and slightly pink in the middle! So by the time the dessert came i was really looking forwards to it but to my shock it was tirimasu my favorite which i cant eat anymore as it has raw eggs inside it……..i was gutted.

Alex enjoyed all the food as he could eat it all and shortly after the dessert we went home. He could tell i was pissed off in the car as i didnt talk to him for almost an hour and when he did finally get me to talk i bursted into tears and balled my eyes out. Then i was hormonally babbling about how i cant eat anything now in this country and i was depressed and i hated it. And that i felt like i couldnt eat anything and that i was scared to eat stuff incase im not supposed to eat it….

He was very patient with me and understand as my Dad had warned him what was to come in the next long long months with mood swings and crazyness and so he took it all in his stride bless him.

He hugged me told me it would be ok and said we could have a chinese for dinner tonight which did cheer me up 🙂 ALOT.

Im hoping that when i start doing some exercise from tomorrow it will help with my mood swings…lots of walking, weights and prenatal yoga! 😀


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