jumping back into fitness!

I started doing 2 planks a day again on wednesday and felt really good after doing them although i was a bit shaky 🙂 and thursday i also did some weights after them! I can’t tell you how good it was to work out again!! My arms were shaking so much after the weights work! 

So im going to throw myself back into working out! Walking, weights, planks…..everything i was doing before everything happened! Im hoping to go for a short run on monday and see how badly my stamina has gone down…hopefully it wont be to bad!

I badly want to lose this 3kgs i have gained since the wedding and honeymoon! i dont feel summer ready with it! So i want to burn it off asap!

My biggest problem though at the moment is i cant seem to stay within my calories :/ im using myfitnesspal again but i seem to keep going over my target calories each day. And i have caught myself eating stuff when i wasn’t hungry! I have started to comfort eat like old times…which im going to allow this week but next week im going to give myself a kick up the back side.

The comfort eating must stop! its just a quick fix and wont help me lose the 3kgs!! grrrr

Unfortunately there are no races now i can sign up for 😦 as the hot weather starts here in italy in june, july, August and they dont seem to like holding races in these months so i have to wait til september!

Maybe i can still run Absorber shock race in October in London and also the Nike We Run Rome race on newyears eve 🙂

I have started making a huge frame with all my race bib’s in, my race photo’s and some motivational quotes to put on my wall and i think its starting to look really nice! 🙂 Just need a few more races pics printed out and i can put it up.

So i have started to plan out in my diary what exercises i should do when in the week, so weights 3 times a week and planks everyday, running will be 3 times a week again and maybe an exercise video twice a week as well.

The main pc died thursday (arent we just so bloodly lucky at the moment:( ) which had alot of my workouts saved on it….so i might have lost them if the hardrive is screwed…..sigh….but i guess i can find some new ones when we buy a new pc this weekend or next week.


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