Back to my running :)

So last week i started weights again and planks as i felt stronger and wanted to do some working out.

Today i wanted to start running again! Alex wasnt confident about me running he said i should take it easy and just power walk.

But last night i had a dream about running again and i felt so strong and happy and i wanted that feeling back!

So i changed into my running stuff to discover my running trousers and top were slightly tight….grrrrr that damn 3kgs i gained over the wedding and honeymoon! Im still 59kgs and before i was my perfect weight of 56kgs!!! i want it back!!

I went out into the little park just wanting to try my best, i wanted to at least try 1 mile of running to show to myself i can still do it! So off i set running! I got stitch as i hadnt drunk enough water the night before or this morning but i carried on. I started to wheeze alot and feel slightly sick but i carried on! And did the whole mile running without stopping!!

So proud of myself!! 😀 I was so determined to get a mile done running i pushed through everything to achieve it!

After that i walked for a mile then felt confident to run half a mile so i carried on like that until i had finished 4 miles in total! 2 miles running & 2 miles walking. Hopefully i can ease back into running 5k’s and eventually 10k’s again as i have lost some stamina. But it actually went much better than i thought it would YAY!

Afterwards my thighs ached alot, my feet are tired, and my bottom ache’s to lol you easily forget how many body parts you tone and work when running!

So the rest of the day i need to clean the house and do some weights 🙂 falling back into my routine seems easy enough which im happy about i really need it to focus on.


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