Juneathon begins!

I wasnt going to join it as it gets really hot now here in Roma…but i need motivation to move everyday as in only going to be running 3 days a week….soooo i have joined JUNEATHON! on twitter! lol

I have to clock in some miles every day of June 🙂 running or walking but i have to do it and blog about it. Im hoping this will be the motivation i need to shift this 3kgs which isnt budging grrrr!

So i decided to do 4 miles power walking to get my legs ready for running on monday as i will be following the Hal Higdon 10km basic 8 week training plan to get back into running:)

So i got outside the building in a good mood to walk and bumped into a couple we know…they said how sorry they were about our loss etc. After that my mood went sour and i had to put my sunglasses on as i was trying very hard not to cry behind them. It took me 15mins to find my happy place again and do my power walking.

It was a bitter sweet power walk but i put on some tunes put in my earphones and power walked like crazy for 4 miles in 24c (which is nice here as it can reach 38c in full summer).

Saw lots of very slow joggers and other power walkers all enjoying the park and the sunshine!

Legs felt strong as i powered along and i really enjoyed the exercise! When i got home i found 2 blisters and some rubbed bloody skin on the back of my heel! Will teach me for not wearing socks and just wearing my normal trainers not my training ones!

On another note i had a check up scan done and everything is healing as it should which is good news. I did ball my eyes out the night before it though as this week would have been the 3 month scan so it really hurt this cruel twist of fate to have the check done now.



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