Day 5 Juneathon

This morning i saved a little geko which had crawled in through an open window in the flat!(there very common here in Italy) took me 10 mins to catch him and then gently put him out on the window sill so he could go free before closing the window. Was really worried my cat Ciro would have gotten him if i hadnt found him and that would have been horrible. He was a lovely little thing šŸ™‚

Well the scales still arent shifting šŸ˜¦ still stuck on 59kgs…sigh…been fairly good with my calories…ok so i slipped up a few times! :/

Although im still losing inches on my hips & waist without losing weight lol so im still happy about that šŸ˜€

Juneathons still going strong with my powerwalking and my first day of running yesterday which went well! Really enjoy getting out there at the moment šŸ˜€

Fell back into my routine of planking everyday almost like i hadnt stopped lol managed 1min 40 secs yesterday and today 1min 35 secs so there getting longer!

Also started doing v-ups or the other name for them is reverse crunches again which i do after planking.

So it was powerwalking for Juneathon today šŸ™‚ It was going to be 28c today so decided to go for my walk at 10am when it was only 23c so i wouldnt burn or get overheated!

So i walked to the small market near me got a yellow top as im still very much into yellow. Powerwalked to the big park in the sun which was already a bit hot!

OMG there was so many fit italian men in the park topless! running, walking, reading books! eyecandy hmmmmm So it was quite an enjoyable walk lol šŸ˜›

They were even cutting grass in the park and i love the smell of cut grass its sooooo nice! I managed a 4 mile powerwalk today my legs are a little tired now after that.

This afternoon will be june tone up moves, weights and house cleaning!


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