Day 7 Juneathon Plank record

Its 26c out there right now……..i am NOT going running in that!

If i wasnt working i would have happily gone out this morning when it was cooler! but i cant at the moment. So after saturday things can go back to normal and i will run in the mornings again πŸ™‚

Also i have had a long knackering day again babysitting and yes i walked over 2 miles again so thats my Juneathon today workout done. I know its an excuse but i am very tried! Also had way to much sun and not enough water and have a raging headache for the last 3 hours.

The little girl i babysat had the mother of all moods today! she kept crying about EVERYTHING! she got grumpy with me and wouldnt talk to me, then she decided to walk ahead of me and then finally decided she wanted to be carried everywhere! So i have done my weights workout for today to lol carrying a 5yr old.

Depressing i have seen like 3 million pregnant women on the street, in the park , the shop on the bus…..and when i got home i went straight for the vanilla choc chip icecream in the freezer with a spoon and attacked it. I think im barely inside my calories for today and part of me doesnt care right now.

I still did my plank of the day and did another record held for 2 MIN 10 SECS!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM lol feeling slightly hard core now πŸ™‚

And also my re-verse crunches. Also completed my june tone up mini workout to so i did do something when i got home πŸ™‚



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