Day 18 Juneathon and Day 1 P90X

I have been slacking with Juneathon i know :/

the 16th & 17th of June i did get out for two walks one was 3 miles the other was 3 and half miles. Apart from that i did slack for 5 days of juneathon!

But im back on track now! πŸ˜€ This morning Alex kicked me out the flat when he was going to work telling me i had to go run and stop slacking!

He said he knows how much i enjoyed running before the wedding and the other stuff that has happened and that i have to stop mopping about my weight gain and get back out there and enjoy my running. Even if its getting hot here if i go out early then i can at least do a few miles.

So armed with my ipod and Garmin i braved the little park πŸ™‚ and actually really enjoyed myself! I managed 2 miles in 21c heat at 8.40pm and i finished just over 9am-ish. I did see a few other joggers but as i ran my second mile i noticed they had all disappeared so they probably came out earlier than me as its much cooler which is something i need to start doing.

I did get lower back pain today on the run near my tail bone if that makes sense and its still slightly achey now. So im not sure if thats my body re-adjusting to me running again because i did used to get it when i acutally very first started running a few years ago. So not exactly sure if its that or not.

I need to go buy more running socks as my short running socks i have are not long enough to stop my heel rubbing in the heat which is a pain! so it might be a trip to the shopping Mall tomorrow to buy some longer ones and i can also see the kettlebell weights at the same time πŸ˜›

Also i started Day 1 of P90X workout and OMG it was tough!! i couldnt do some of the exercises very well such as the chair pushup and the diamond pushup but i did as many as i could! I was shaking by the end of the workout which was chest & back.

I used my 4kg weights but they didnt seem heavy enough for me so im going to use my 5kg ones next time and see how that goes! It also got me doing pushups which i HATE!! But strangely i didnt mind doing them to much with this workout! And i burnt 419 cals doing the 1 hour video! πŸ˜€


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