Juneathon Day 19 Yogax

So i havent left the house today as its been hot hot hot! & im not going to burn to a crisp lol

Im going out to friends with Alex this evening when its cooler and i think i might start having late evening walking around 8pm-ish when its cooler as well.

So today i have done yogax which is about an hour and half long (or maybe just a bit less) And it was really good! A bit repetitive but i really enjoyed it alot. I was sweating like crazy from it as well and burnt 340 calories! according to my heart rate monitor ๐Ÿ™‚

It even helped my back thats been aching since i ran on monday! It was my lower back and was really annoying but it feels much better now. So i think i just need to stretch more!

Im really enjoying P90X workouts! even though when i started i was worried they would be to hard for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I like having something to focus on, the routine!

Saw the gyno yesterday for a check up and she said im fine and back to normal since the D&C. Shes a lovely woman and was really concerned for me even came and hugged me when we went to see her. She said we can try again for a baby from my next normal period which will probably be in the next 25 days.

This is a good thing! and im happy about it but part of me wants to lose the 3kg’s i have gained firstย (as i have lost 1kg already) as i dont want the extra weight if/when we get pregnant again if that makes sense? So i have maybe 4 weeks to get in shape..although we might not manage to get pregnant again straight away anyway.

So i will just carry on running and working out like normal and its up to life/fate when it happens. For now im just going to enjoy getting in shape again ๐Ÿ˜€


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