Day 21 and 22 Juneathon

Day 21: I did P90X Plyometrics yesterday and i think i might hate it…….it was jumping about, different types of squats etc and i almost did it all but my brain swtiched off when we hit the last 15mins of it and i turned it off! The workout was 1 hour 20mins long so i did 1 hour 5 mins.

I think i would have rather gone for a run if it wasnt so hot here 😦

And another thing my bloody heart rate monitor & strap kept switching itself off :/ i think it must be faulty as it just kept losing the heart rate connection and i did everything i could think of to fix it but it didnt work which really annoyed me. I wanted to see at least how many calories i was burning on the workout grrrrrr

I do like parts of P90X like the yoga and the weights work and part of me would rather do those than the cardio parts of it lmao!

Day 22: I have cramps & my lady time started with a vengence my first since the D&C and i really didnt want to workout today! I felt tired and a little bit grumpy and it was already hot outside and hot in the house when we woke up!

There was no way i was going for a run with cramps or in this heat & part of me wishes again that i had a running machine! At least then i could just do some walking even if i was stuck inside…sigh….

But in the afternoon i felt a bit better and managed to do a 30min abs workout video with my stability ball which i was very happy about! 😀

I have noticed i have lost some belly fat! and some weight round my muffin top YAY! even though i still weigh 59kgs lol so i think the strict calorie counting & the P90X workout is doing something! So i better keep at it! 😀

As its been so hot i havent managed to go look at kettle bell weights but tomorrow we are going to the shopping Mall so i will get to have a look then as Alex wants to go before its to hot and busy there 😛


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