Day 26th Juneathon

Ok so i didnt do anything for Juneathon over the weekend (23rd &24th) i was quite lazy unless walking round the shopping Mall for 3 hours counts lol

Yesterday Juneathon 25th June i went out with my friend and did about 2 miles walking while shopping which was really nice and i enjoyed it alot even though it was hot!

Today i jumped back onto my P90X workouts! and i did chest and shoulders workout with my 5kgs weights πŸ˜› Also im getting better at press ups which i hate! i managed to do more reps each time i had to do them! YAY!

Loving the shape my arms are! i can see the muscles more now even after only doing the weights workout 3 times! πŸ˜› im getting those sexy arms i want! Plus muscle burns more calories for longer! big bonus as im not running now because of the heat!! πŸ˜€

My weight still hasnt shifted from 59kgs even though i can see i have lost fat on my belly & hips! So im going to stop looking at the scale and focus on what i can see im losing from my clothes etc.

I still have a 35min Stability Ball workout to do today as well as i want to start doing that 3 times a week again as i need to lose weight around my hips and tummy where i gained the weight back on. So i better stop blogging and get on with it lol. BRING IT ON!!


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