Juneathon Day 28

Ok so i have done my P90X weights workout for today and it was tough as im using 5kgs weights now instead of only 4kgs! But im still seeing more progress with my arms!!

I got very upset when i weighted myself as i was 60kgs! i gained 1kgs!!!!!!!!!! I got so upset i balled my eyes out alot and twittered about it and then balled my eyes out to my friend on MSN!

Thank heavens that Jess went through the same thing and was ready with advice! Apparently she read that if you eat to less calories when working out you gain weight not lose it!

And we have both been eating to less calories for over a year!!! grrrr which is crazy and weird!

So she did some number crunching for me and worked out i should eat 1723 calories a week as im working out with weights etc. So that many calories if im working out 3-5 times a week!

So im going to try that amount for the next 2 weeks and see what happens!

Also i need to eat more clean and lean! which is cutting out the processed food i have been eating like the findus fishfingers and fish i like :/ less frozen stuff and more fresh stuff.

So thats the plan! And lets see what happens!

I was going to do my stability ball workout but i think i will leave that for tomorrow now.


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