Week 2 Day 5 10km re-training & bad haircut day

So this morning i dragged my butt out of bed to go run 🙂

Again it was nice and fresh out and its soooo much better to go in the morning before it hits 36c in the day!

I felt strong today and happily did my 2 and half miles 1 minute quicker than yesterday 😛

I noticed a few more runners out this morning which was nice! Im going to stick to 2 and half miles for the next couple of weeks while my sister and niece are here.

After my run i met up with my friend Marina to go get our haircut at a little chinese hair-dressers we know near Termini station.

I was nervous, i dont like having my haircut as 9 out of 10 times they never do what i want and its even harder trying to explain what you want in italian.

So i braved it and went ahead and got it cut.

And OMG they did not do what i wanted! The man cutting my hair gave me a book of random haircuts to look at and i found a shoulder length bob which looked nice so said i would have that.

Well he started cutting and boy he didnt stop!! Suddenly my hair was just below chin length and i had a FRINGE!!! which i didnt ask for!!

I havent had a fringe since i was at school and i really dont like them and i have never had my hair this short before! it was a complete mental shock!!!

I was in complete shock! and almost in tears by the end of it and really regretting my decision to go there!

My friend Marina kept telling me it was nice and even took a pic of us still in the place.

I couldnt think of anything but how much i hated my haircut as we walked out and all the way home!

But after putting a pic of it on Facebook and Twitter and getting peoples opinions…i hate it slightly less…at the end of the day i have to live with it until it grows out….

I havent done my weights today as i was to upset about my hair….so i cleaned the house instead.


Week 2 Day 4 10km re-training

I have to run in the mornings now as its cooler and i cant run at 9pm when its cooler in the evenings as we eat dinner at 8pm so seems silly to run after i eat.

So this morning I was up at 7am part of me complaining i didnt want to go out and run lol I made Alex breakfast fed the cat, had some water stretched and by 7.40am i was out in the park.

It was a lot cooler and actually felt really nice to be outside. So i started my run slowly my pace being 11.28 for the first mile which i think is really good! I stopped for 30 secs when i finished the first mile then plunged on to do the second one.

Second mile was harder i was begining to feel hot in the 25c which was rising as today its going to be 35c again! I stopped for 30 secs again after finishing the second mile.

Oh what a mistake! I was sweating and hot and felt really dizzy!! but i pushed myself onwards to finish half a mile!

So i completed my 2 and half miles which im really pleased with 😀 so this week is 2 and half miles running when i go out hopefully for mornings this week.

Im also thinking about sticking with 2 and half miles next week as well as my sister and niece are here then the following week start on 3 mile runs or more likely 5km runs.

Also today i started the next section of the P90X weights wotkout for shoulders, chest & triceps. And i was pretty nervous about doing it! Some of the moves looked really hard! :/

And OMG i was right!!! single arm pushups??!? i was like WTF??! honestly i did try to do them but my arm refused to bend when i tried!!! Im just amazed people are able to do them!

So this new workout is going to be a challenge and some of these moves im going to have to work towards being able to do properly.

My arms feel so tired right now after doing all that its crazy! more than the other P90X weights workout i was doing before! I even had to take some weight off and use 8kg weight (two 4kg weights each hand) as i just couldnt do it with my 10kgs ones!

My t-shirt was completely soaked at the end and when i got on the floor at the end to do the cool down i was slipping and sliding on the marble floor as my back & legs were so sweaty!!

Im knackered now lol! Should see some good results from these though 🙂 i just have to remember to use lighter weights on some of the moves then build towards using the heavier ones!

Next step in P90X!

So thursday i did my other P90X workout which is about an hour of weights!

I didnt run as i had a very achy back thigh muscle and decided there was no point pushing it with running. I would see how it felt the next day and decide what to do. I dont want to injure myself when i have only just started training again!!

Im 60kgs on the scale but my tape measure says im losing inches! I can also see i have lost weight round my tummy and hips and so the non-weightloss on the scale i guess could be the muscle im building as muscle weighs heavy and i can visually see that i have lost weight! 😀

Loving the muscles im seeing now!




Friday my  back thigh muscle was still achy so decided to just be happy with running 3 days this week…….im wondering if im aiming to much with running 5 days a week as im re-starting to run again. So was thinking maybe running just 4 days a week is better.

Especially as im going 4 days of weights as well!

So friday i did workouts 1& 2 of the Jillian Michaels body revolution workout. It has weight training mixed in with bursts of cardio and im really enjoying it alot!! 😀 So i worked hard 4 days this week plus the 5th day doing alot of walking with my friend!

Weekends are rest days although i try to fit in some walking each of those days to 🙂

I start the shoulders, chest & triceps part of the P90X workout on monday! I skimmed though the workout quickly today just to see what it involved and i have to say im SCARED!!! they really kick it up alot in that workout!!! So many moves with the weights i dont know! God i hope i survive it! lool

Im going to be brave though and give it a go! Hopefully i will like it! I know this part of the workout will be to get definition in muscles make my arms look sexier so i need to do it!

Also i have my sister and niece arriving on tuesday night as they are visiting for a week! So its going to be alot of walking next week showing them around Roma!

So that in its self is good exericse! It also means I HAVE to get up early and do my runs in the morning and then fit my weights workout in when we get back from showing them around 4 of the days! 😛

I really dont want to miss out my workouts now im seeing such good progress! lol

Its hot out there! Day 3 week 1 10km re-training

I decided today to try out the Jillian Micheal’s body revolution workout! So grabbing my weights i tried out workout 1 which is 30 mins long. It was very good basic moves which arent very hard. As its week 1 they start you off with nothing to hard.

Also she didnt talk about random stuff like she does in a few of her other workout videos which i found annoying! so that was good to 😛

Afterwards i felt pretty good and decided to try out the 2nd workout of that as well! I know im supposed to do them once a day for 6 days a week but i decided that doing the easy workouts back to back wouldnt hurt!

So they were pretty good they had a few different moves from my P90X workouts and they mixed in tiny bits of cardio to. So feeling fine and happy after all that.

Then i decided to go for a 2 mile run at 6.30pm! I was going to take today as a rest day but then i thought nope lets run 5 days a week and rest on the weekends 🙂

It was 29c & sunny out although some of my running path was in the shade. There was also a slight breeze which was nice. After the first mile i stopped and paused my watch to wipe my face as i was pouring with sweat and over heating. I felt quite dizzy from stopping so quickly started running again as i wanted to get the 2 miles completed before collapsing lol

No aches or pains at all when i was done just very sweaty, overheated and dizzy!

And im happy to report i was attacked by only 1 bug this time! although i almost got run over by a kid on a bike and a kid playing ball almost ran into me! oh the joys of summer!

Seriously 29c is just to hot to run in! im so glad i was only doing 2 miles!

Tomorrow the temp is going back up starting with 31c!!! so i think i will push myself to go in the mornings again as at least its fresher!

Yuk bugs! Day 2 week 1 10km re-training

So this morning it was raining so i decided to leave running then and go in the afternoon.

So my arms and chest where aching from the weights and pushups from yesterdays workout! Always nice to feel myself getting stronger! 😛

So i met up with Marina and Cart today and we headed out to an outlet store place here in Roma. It was really good! Still a bit expensive but i enjoyed looking around! They had a quick silver shop and i love there tops! want to go there again at some point! 😀

Checked out the Nike store there but it was still a bit expensive! And why oh why do the men have better t-shirts then women??? I saw a cool men’s t-shirt saying ‘ the finish line isnt the end’ or something along those lines! But when i looked at a man’s small size of it it was huge on me!

All the women’s tops just say ‘Nike’ on them and that seems to be it! :/ it sucks!

Anyway i ended up buying a designer handbag for 25 euros down from 55 euros! Im not into designer stuff but this bag had tiger stripes on it and im crazy about everything with tiger stripes right now 😛

I had a home made tuna, pasta, salad for lunch nom nom nom

And im loving my Alpen musli with honey and low fat milk in the morning for breakfast to 😀

Anyway i went out for a 2 mile run this afternoon, its overcast and 28c but i thought hey lets do this thing! Anyway i got cramp a mile and half into the run as i hadnt drunk enough today…my own fault i know!

And i kept managing to run into clouds of bugs! which seems to be everywhere :/  I ended up with bugs in my mouth, one in my eye and a cloud of them in my face! It was not pleasant!

But i felt happy running again, legs feel fine, body felt fine.

Back to 10km training :)

So we are back in Roma after a lovely lovely holiday in the mountains 🙂 I think we really needed it! we both feel more relaxed and refreshed from the break away.

So i looked in my diary and realised i have 13 weeks until my 10km race in Richmond park in London on 20th October!! So i emailed my friend im going to do it with and she is still up for it! So i have arranged to stay with her when i fly over to the UK in October.

So now i realised i better get training as i havent run 10kms in 4 months!! So this morning i was up early and went straight out before breakfast.

It was raining lightly (as thankfully we have rain now after non stop 37-38c for weeks & weeks) so i enjoyed the rain and the temp at 21c  🙂

The run was very enjoyable i started off slow and was doing 12min miles and ended up doing 2 miles. I didnt get any aches or pains at all and feel maybe i should have run further.

But i have deicded to run 2 miles 5 days a week for the first week then add half a mile extra each week until i can run 10km’s again comfortably and slowly. Im not worried about speed just distance right now. So thats my plan.

Its nice having something to focus on again and working towards a race.

Alex and i have agreed that i should focus on a race month by month as we are trying to get pregnant again and so thats what i am going to do. I would like to do the ‘We run Rome’ 10km race again on 31st Dec but we shall see.

Im about to do my P90X 1 hour weights workout which i havent done in 2 weeks so it might hurt a little lol

Also im going to start Jillian Michaels Body Revolution workout this afternoon which my friend Jess has started and she says its very very good!

Also i have to clean the house today!

so my day will be: Run, breakfast, rest, 1 hour weights, lunch, clean house, body revolution workout, rest, make dinner, watch tv or play skyrim with Alex and then bed lol

So i better make a start on my weights now 🙂


Grump mode on

Im starting to get annoyed! I had said to myself that me and Alex would walk 3 miles a day while on holiday and he knows this. So far we started off really well…now we are down to 1 or 2 miles because hes started to moan about walking everyday…sigh…

I know hes not used to tons of walking but i dont think im asking for alot am i?? We did manage to go for a walk which was just under 2 and half miles today as he decided he couldnt walk anymore grrr

Im starting to get frustrated about wanting to do my weights workout as well….Alex spends alot of time on the laptop we bought with us. I get about 10mins to blog, check my emails and post on FB. He gets HOURS!

I really want to do my P90X workout which takes an hour of me doing weights and im getting to the stage where im just going to steal the laptop and tell him he has to go do something else instead or i might just kill him -_-

Also he keeps wanting to eat pasta, pizza and gnocchi all the time!! not very healthy and i have put my foot down and told him i will eat something else as i have no intention off getting as big as a house while we are here!! We did have chicken and veggies in the week but he insisted on cooking it then went ahead and cooked the chicken in butter…….so much for the healthy part lol

I want my scales and my measuring tap but i left them in Roma…im feeling insecure without them….wondering if i have gained weight even though my jeans are still lose….i know im being over emotional about all this…im due on and everything is just irritating me or making me feel angery…..

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