P90X my progress :)

This is attempt 2 of me blogging as wordpress decided to only save half my blog grrrrrr

Ok so i have been doing P90X for just over two weeks now so i thought i would blog about that 🙂 Here are my progress pics not to sure if you can see any difference through them but i do have more muscles in my arms which im loving!!!

So this is a pic of me on Day 1 of P90X & my stability ball workout! I didnt do a shot of my arms which i should have gone grrr!


I have started to do clean eating now to, to help build up my muscles so plenty of veggies and protein and a little fruit! This should be my life style now as its eating healthy almost caveman like lol!

Im having trouble eating all these extra healthy calories im allowed lol For example breakfast was 1 banana, lunch was 3 egg omlette with, 1 cup of tomatoes and a whole red bell pepper with some parmigano! Lunch will be lemon chicken with a load more veggies and i still have 800 calories left to eat for today!!! :O

I have noticed Alex has lost some belly weight as well YAY! so its doing us good!

Next is after 1 week of it & an arm shot yay!! lol









I keep going into the bathroom to pose in the mirror with my arms now which i never ever used to do lool Loving the effects the weight training is having on my arms/body! I feel really strong! I have gone from doing 5 pressups on my knees to doing 25 pressups on my knees in 2 weeks!! 😀


And arms from after week one!











I did have a little bit of upset tummy for 3 days when i increased my veggies/fruit intake which is apparently normal and which has settled down now! I am still eating bread just not every day and the bread we get now is brown bread with a mix of seeds and grains in it much more healthy! And even Alex likes it!


And next is after 2 weeks & my workout today!

I still have my stability ball cardio/abs workout to do which is 30mins long and the Abs ripperx which is 15mins long 🙂 So i shall do them this afternoon.

Loving the support from my twitter friends! they have great advice and recipes and i love them all for there encouragement and support!


And todays arms!   


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