Back to 10km training :)

So we are back in Roma after a lovely lovely holiday in the mountains 🙂 I think we really needed it! we both feel more relaxed and refreshed from the break away.

So i looked in my diary and realised i have 13 weeks until my 10km race in Richmond park in London on 20th October!! So i emailed my friend im going to do it with and she is still up for it! So i have arranged to stay with her when i fly over to the UK in October.

So now i realised i better get training as i havent run 10kms in 4 months!! So this morning i was up early and went straight out before breakfast.

It was raining lightly (as thankfully we have rain now after non stop 37-38c for weeks & weeks) so i enjoyed the rain and the temp at 21c  🙂

The run was very enjoyable i started off slow and was doing 12min miles and ended up doing 2 miles. I didnt get any aches or pains at all and feel maybe i should have run further.

But i have deicded to run 2 miles 5 days a week for the first week then add half a mile extra each week until i can run 10km’s again comfortably and slowly. Im not worried about speed just distance right now. So thats my plan.

Its nice having something to focus on again and working towards a race.

Alex and i have agreed that i should focus on a race month by month as we are trying to get pregnant again and so thats what i am going to do. I would like to do the ‘We run Rome’ 10km race again on 31st Dec but we shall see.

Im about to do my P90X 1 hour weights workout which i havent done in 2 weeks so it might hurt a little lol

Also im going to start Jillian Michaels Body Revolution workout this afternoon which my friend Jess has started and she says its very very good!

Also i have to clean the house today!

so my day will be: Run, breakfast, rest, 1 hour weights, lunch, clean house, body revolution workout, rest, make dinner, watch tv or play skyrim with Alex and then bed lol

So i better make a start on my weights now 🙂



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