Yuk bugs! Day 2 week 1 10km re-training

So this morning it was raining so i decided to leave running then and go in the afternoon.

So my arms and chest where aching from the weights and pushups from yesterdays workout! Always nice to feel myself getting stronger! 😛

So i met up with Marina and Cart today and we headed out to an outlet store place here in Roma. It was really good! Still a bit expensive but i enjoyed looking around! They had a quick silver shop and i love there tops! want to go there again at some point! 😀

Checked out the Nike store there but it was still a bit expensive! And why oh why do the men have better t-shirts then women??? I saw a cool men’s t-shirt saying ‘ the finish line isnt the end’ or something along those lines! But when i looked at a man’s small size of it it was huge on me!

All the women’s tops just say ‘Nike’ on them and that seems to be it! :/ it sucks!

Anyway i ended up buying a designer handbag for 25 euros down from 55 euros! Im not into designer stuff but this bag had tiger stripes on it and im crazy about everything with tiger stripes right now 😛

I had a home made tuna, pasta, salad for lunch nom nom nom

And im loving my Alpen musli with honey and low fat milk in the morning for breakfast to 😀

Anyway i went out for a 2 mile run this afternoon, its overcast and 28c but i thought hey lets do this thing! Anyway i got cramp a mile and half into the run as i hadnt drunk enough today…my own fault i know!

And i kept managing to run into clouds of bugs! which seems to be everywhere :/  I ended up with bugs in my mouth, one in my eye and a cloud of them in my face! It was not pleasant!

But i felt happy running again, legs feel fine, body felt fine.


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