Its hot out there! Day 3 week 1 10km re-training

I decided today to try out the Jillian Micheal’s body revolution workout! So grabbing my weights i tried out workout 1 which is 30 mins long. It was very good basic moves which arent very hard. As its week 1 they start you off with nothing to hard.

Also she didnt talk about random stuff like she does in a few of her other workout videos which i found annoying! so that was good to 😛

Afterwards i felt pretty good and decided to try out the 2nd workout of that as well! I know im supposed to do them once a day for 6 days a week but i decided that doing the easy workouts back to back wouldnt hurt!

So they were pretty good they had a few different moves from my P90X workouts and they mixed in tiny bits of cardio to. So feeling fine and happy after all that.

Then i decided to go for a 2 mile run at 6.30pm! I was going to take today as a rest day but then i thought nope lets run 5 days a week and rest on the weekends 🙂

It was 29c & sunny out although some of my running path was in the shade. There was also a slight breeze which was nice. After the first mile i stopped and paused my watch to wipe my face as i was pouring with sweat and over heating. I felt quite dizzy from stopping so quickly started running again as i wanted to get the 2 miles completed before collapsing lol

No aches or pains at all when i was done just very sweaty, overheated and dizzy!

And im happy to report i was attacked by only 1 bug this time! although i almost got run over by a kid on a bike and a kid playing ball almost ran into me! oh the joys of summer!

Seriously 29c is just to hot to run in! im so glad i was only doing 2 miles!

Tomorrow the temp is going back up starting with 31c!!! so i think i will push myself to go in the mornings again as at least its fresher!


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