Next step in P90X!

So thursday i did my other P90X workout which is about an hour of weights!

I didnt run as i had a very achy back thigh muscle and decided there was no point pushing it with running. I would see how it felt the next day and decide what to do. I dont want to injure myself when i have only just started training again!!

Im 60kgs on the scale but my tape measure says im losing inches! I can also see i have lost weight round my tummy and hips and so the non-weightloss on the scale i guess could be the muscle im building as muscle weighs heavy and i can visually see that i have lost weight! 😀

Loving the muscles im seeing now!




Friday my  back thigh muscle was still achy so decided to just be happy with running 3 days this week…….im wondering if im aiming to much with running 5 days a week as im re-starting to run again. So was thinking maybe running just 4 days a week is better.

Especially as im going 4 days of weights as well!

So friday i did workouts 1& 2 of the Jillian Michaels body revolution workout. It has weight training mixed in with bursts of cardio and im really enjoying it alot!! 😀 So i worked hard 4 days this week plus the 5th day doing alot of walking with my friend!

Weekends are rest days although i try to fit in some walking each of those days to 🙂

I start the shoulders, chest & triceps part of the P90X workout on monday! I skimmed though the workout quickly today just to see what it involved and i have to say im SCARED!!! they really kick it up alot in that workout!!! So many moves with the weights i dont know! God i hope i survive it! lool

Im going to be brave though and give it a go! Hopefully i will like it! I know this part of the workout will be to get definition in muscles make my arms look sexier so i need to do it!

Also i have my sister and niece arriving on tuesday night as they are visiting for a week! So its going to be alot of walking next week showing them around Roma!

So that in its self is good exericse! It also means I HAVE to get up early and do my runs in the morning and then fit my weights workout in when we get back from showing them around 4 of the days! 😛

I really dont want to miss out my workouts now im seeing such good progress! lol


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